Razz-Flavored Gu

Today is a cloudy day and periodically we’ve been getting light rain.  It’s 50 degrees, though, so it’s not a bad temperature at all.

Last night I was really in the mood to go out.  It was about 60 degrees when I left work and it was sunny and gorgeous!  Mike and I relaxed for a little while and then got all dressed up to go to the Cheesecake Factory.  As soon as we stepped out of our apartment building, though, we were hit with a blast of cold wind and rain.  Hmm.  I was rethinking the Cheesecake Factory because that’s about a mile away and, especially being dressed up, I didn’t really want to walk that far in the rain.  So we ended up going to Paddy Coynes instead, the little Irish pub about a mile from our apartments.  I just love it there!  The owner is Irish and often brings his big border collie mix dog to the pub and ties him up outside.  The dog just lays there contentedly right next to a copper statue of a little dog that sits outside of Paddy Coynes.  I suggested to Mike that maybe the dog would be there, because I love petting him when he’s there.  He’s so laidback and looks so old and relaxed.  We hurried through the rain to Paddy Coynes and saw that the dog wasn’t tied up outside.  However, as soon as we entered the restaurant we saw the dog sitting next to the owner.  Both the owner and the dog were on bar stools.  It was priceless!  I wish I would have gotten a picture!  We had a nice, relaxing dinner and drinks there, and afterwards I was really tired and ready for bed.

This morning I got up reasonably early (7am) and went running.  I ran 16 miles… I ran up to Green Lake, ran around Green Lake twice, and then ran back home.  I was actually planning on going another couple of miles, but Mike called me just as I was circling back by my apartment so I decided to call it a day with 16 miles.  They weren’t the easiest 16 miles I’ve ever run, but they were pretty enjoyable.  The weather was beautiful and a little cloudy.  There were literally hundreds of people at Green Lake.  Some of them had strollers with infants, some of them were walking dogs, some were walking or running with friends or family members, and some were canoeing or kayaking in the lake.  It was beautiful and so invigorating being around so many people!

After my run and subsequent shower Mike and I walked across the street to REI so I could get some runner’s energy Gu since I was all out.  I have discovered that the difference between being able to run pretty infinitely and only being able to run about 12 miles before crashing is about two of those Gu packets.  The electrolytes and sugar they contain seem to be exactly what my hungry muscles need!  The Razz flavor was on sale (which I assume means raspberry?) so I mostly got those.  Hopefully they’re good.  I had strawberry banana ones before that I really liked, but those ones weren’t on sale.  (I’m apparently pretty cheap).  Due to Mike’s influence I also got one mocha, one vanilla, and one strawberry to try even though they weren’t on sale.  The problem with energy Gu is that sometimes when you’re just living off of it during the long runs it gets pretty nauseating.  It’s basically the equivalent of eating frozen concentrated orange juice out of the container.  Yes… the more I think about it, the more I realize that essentially these expensive Gu packs are concentrated orange juice with some electrolytes thrown in for good measure.  Still, since they are way more palatable than eating concentrated orange juice, I’ll continue buying them.

Mike and I just ate dinner and I ran up and fed Piper.  She seems to be feeling much better, so she must have just had some sort of cat flu.

Then we stopped for some coffee at Espresso Vivace and headed back to Mike’s apartment.  Since then I’ve been reading a magazine and Mike has been doing music stuff.  Soon we’re going up to my apartment to hang out with Piper and maybe watch some Friends episodes (which we haven’t done in months and months).  It’s been a very, very relaxing day!


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