The coming of spring brings… hairballs

So as much as I would like to say that Mike and I made up for our low-key Saturday with a high-powered Sunday… that didn’t really happen.  Actually, if anything, our Sunday was more low-key than our Saturday.  I walked through the drizzly rain to Trader Joe’s in the morning and found all kinds of good foods there at great prices.  I really love Trader Joes!  After I got back Mike and I just hung out at his apartment.  I read a magazine interspersed with working on French, and Mike worked on electronic music.  It was rainy and chilly, and the most we ventured out was to go to Whole Foods where I restocked myself with Helios Kefir.  Thanks to Lia I am now completely hooked on Helios Kefir and have been mixing it with protein powder to make myself some pretty high-energy post-running drinks!   Yum!

Today at work was crazily busy, which is usual for a Monday.  After work I went to the Lululemon Run Club.  There were dark clouds in the sky and it looked like rain, which is probably why only six people showed up.  We ended up running in three pairs, just based on everyone’s natural pace and I ended up running at the front of the group with a guy who works at Lululemon.  We were pretty much flying and outdistancing the rest of the group.  When we stopped at a stop light and waited for the rest of the group to catch up, we discovered from his wristwatch GPS that we’d run about a mile at a 7min/mile pace.  That’s a great pace… especially for me, so I was pretty psyched!

It started to rain in the final five minutes of our run, and it was actually raining hard… not the light sprinkles to which we’re accustomed.  I ran home fast, because between the cold rain and the wind it was really chilly!  After a warm shower, Mike came up and hung out with Piper and me for awhile.  He had a headache today (probably the change in weather), so he wasn’t able to get much music stuff done.  😦  He did get a call about a potential job, though, so that’s exciting!  It seems like he’s been getting more callbacks lately… now it’ll just be a matter of finding one that looks at least somewhat interesting!

I’ve discovered why Piper has not been feeling well lately and has been throwing up.  Apparently cats shed their winter coat during about a two week period in the spring.  I noticed that Piper had been shedding more than usual, but I didn’t realize that she had been licking herself constantly in an effort to “pretty herself up” from all the shedding… and had thus been swallowing lots of her own fur.  This resulted in hairballs that were upsetting her stomach.  I brushed her out yesterday and this morning, and so far no more stomach problems!  I think I just have to be diligent about brushing her until she gets past this couple weeks of shedding.  She lay on Mike’s lap tonight when he came up to visit and she loved it.  Mike’s always very gentle with her, and his hands are always warm, so she likes putting her cold little nose into them.  It was so sweet… I wish I could have gotten a picture!

Mike’s downstairs again now… I suspect he’s playing his electric guitar.  He’s been doing that a lot lately.  I like listening to him!


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