A Bergamasco named Sophie

Last night I came home from work pretty exhausted, but snacking on curry sticks and twigs revived me.  Mike tried one and said it was terrible and tasted nothing like the pretzels it was advertised to taste like.  So if you have the opportunity to try curry sticks and twigs, you can keep in mind that they’re my favorite snack ever but Mike finds them inedible.  🙂

Mike was tired yesterday because he got up early for an interview (Yea!!!).  It’s  the first in-person interview he’s had in Seattle, so that seems like a great milestone.  It’s a position for a field support engineer.  Mike feels like it went pretty well, but of course it’s hard to tell.  The job sounded kind of interesting to Mike, but not as interesting as something in music, of course.  We’ll see if he gets a call back or anything… we’ll just pray that everything works out according to God’s plan!

At work over lunch yesterday I led a yoga class for a few co-workers.  It was such a crazy day at work that I almost cancelled, but I’m glad I didn’t.  I really love yoga… teaching it and taking classes in it.

I was planning to hang out with Mike last night, but he was tired after his interview and went to bed early so I hung out with Piper and milled around my apartment and went grocery shopping.

This morning I got up early and went for an 18 mile run.  That is the farthest I have ever run at a time before!  I am definitely nearing that 26.2 mile marathon distance.  The weather today was beautiful, and I ran up to Green Lake again today.  It’s so invigorating to run there because there are so many other runners running the path around the lake that you feel like you’re in good company.  (In all honesty, though, this has been a low-energy week for me so I was running more slowly than usual.)  You also get to see a bunch of cool dogs because everyone walks their dogs around the lake too.  Today I saw a collie mix that was my favorite dog… I keep waiting to see a weimaraner, but I haven’t seen one around Green Lake so far.

There’s a little dog at work named Sophie who belongs to one of the program managers.  She’s a Bergamasco (you can google it to see pictures), and she’s so cute, but she’s very shy!  She’s finally starting to be my friend and I’m excited about it!  🙂  She started to warm up to me a couple weeks ago, and she’d run over to me, lick my hand, and then run away again.  She did that for about a week, and then she let me stroke her ears.  She’s still pretty timid, but I think she’s warming up to me.  🙂

It was really sunny this morning, but now it has clouded over and is raining just a tiny bit.  I’m at Mike’s apartment and he’s working on his music.  I’m hoping we can go out to eat or something tonight to celebrate Mike’s job interview, so maybe that’s what we’ll be up to tonight.


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