A Non-Slow Cooker Success

Last night I was supposed to go to Run Club at Lululemon…. but I was tired and it was cold and windy and rainy.  So I ended up not going.  Instead, I made supper based on ingredients I got over the weekend.  It seemed as though Mike was getting tired of slow cooker meals, so I made a quick and easy pasta dish that I used to make sometimes in Grand Rapids.  It is so easy and has so few ingredients that it’s perfect for those nights you don’t feel like cooking but you’d like to get some kind of meal on the table!  Here’s the recipe:


I also stuck a frozen loaf of garlic bread in the oven, so it turned out to be a reasonably balanced meal.  I baked a giant sweet potato for myself and doused it in cinnamon.  Seriously… isn’t everything better with cinnamon on it?  🙂

Mike was out of printer ink and was reading up on stuff for his interview (which is today!), so I walked to Fed-Ex and got some printer ink… and of course since the Fed-Ex was right next to Whole Foods, I had to go into Whole Foods too.  🙂  I didn’t need anything, but I remembered that I had a coupon for a box of Mary’s Gone Crackers crackers, so I bought a box of those and some organic Washington Braeburn apples (which are surprisingly cheap… probably because they’re local?).

It had stopped raining on my way back, which was nice, and the lights of the city were all twinkling.  I love being out walking at night and seeing all the tall buildings downtown!

Mike and I are going out to eat at Il Fornaio tonight to celebrate his interview last Friday and the one today!  🙂  Plus, for the past seven months or so Il Fornaio has been running a special where for two weeks out of the month, they have a special menu for a different region of Italy and they’re working their way through all of the regions.  Last night they started a new region: the Basilicata region.  So we would want to go to dinner there soon and check out the new menu anyway, but it’s nice that we can also tie it in to celebrating Mike having a couple of interviews!  I hope that his interview today goes well… but we’ll see how God leads.

Piper’s lying in my lap (she always seems to do that when I’m on the computer!) and she’s purring loudly.  I think purring loudly is her way of telling me not to move because she’s comfortable.  Soon I’m going to need to finish getting ready for work, though, and then poor Piper will get kicked off.  She’ll probably just retreat up to her kitty condo and fall asleep right away though… so she doesn’t deserve too much pity.

Mike seems to be making a lot of progress with his electronic music, so that’s exciting… maybe tonight he’ll let me hear what he’s been working on before we go out to dinner.


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