The Basilicata region

Mike’s interview on Tuesday seemed to go well… hopefully he’ll get a call back on one of the two interviews… now we just have to wait and see!  🙂  Regardless of whether he gets call backs, we went out to Il Fornaio Tuesday night to celebrate the interviews.  We also went there because they have a program going where they have a specials menu for food from various regions of Italy; each month it deals with a new region, and we wanted to try the April menu!  The April menu looked really good!  This month they were featuring food from the Basilicata region; it was good!  I had a garbanzo bean veggie soup that was really hearty, and Mike had a lamb chop meal with mashed potatoes and sauted spinach.

Mike and me at Il Fornaio

Mike and me at Il Fornaio

Afterwards we walked downstairs in the mall to Barnes and Noble and looked for a book on Sammy Hagar, one of the musicians in the band Van Halen.  Mike had wanted to read the book, and I tried ordering it from Amazon but it was backordered and we had tried Barnes and Noble and Borders books over the weekend and they were both sold out as well.  Apparently Sammy Hagar is popular!  Surprisingly, we actually found two copies at Barnes and Noble this time!  We grabbed one of them, and I got a book on nutrition.  Then we headed home.  It was really cold; it’s been getting down into the low forties when the sun goes down, and that just feels really cold.  Especially when it’s already rainy and windy!

Meanwhile, Piper had made herself at home on my bed.

Piper making herself at home on my bed

Piper making herself at home on my bed

Too bad the picture’s blurry, but her cuteness shines through either way.  🙂

Tonight Mike and I are going downtown to go to a presentation by some guy who makes music that Mike found out about.  It sounds like it will be interesting, since he writes scores for movies and stuff like that.

In the meantime, time to get ready for another day at work!  It looks kind of cloudy out, but no rain.  Hopefully it stays that way so we can have a dry walk downtown tonight!  🙂


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