The King’s Speech

It’s been a busy week (when is it not?).  🙂  But it’s the weekend now!  I had a long relaxing 13 mile run today… that’s a lot shorter than the 18 mile run last weekend, so it felt more relaxing.  Plus it was the most amazing morning for running!  Bright, sunny, cool but not cold, and not windy.  Mike ran the final two miles with me since he’s starting to get back into running again.  Then Mike was tired and took a nap, and I headed upstairs and hung out with Piper for awhile.  I brushed her, and she liked it in an almost fanatical sense.  When I stopped brushing her and put the brush away, she followed me meowing with the most horrible, angry meow… she definitely wanted a lot more brushing action!  🙂

Thursday night Mike and I went to a Logic Studio presentation downtown.  It was funny… there were all kinds of detail-oriented, digital musicians like Mike there.  I didn’t really fit in, but that was ok.  I followed some of what was going on, but only some.  Mike knew a few of the people there from the Logic Studio Users Group meeting he goes to once a month, so that was cool.  The presenter writers music for a lot of the TV shows on the Discovery Channel and other channels so he’s very successful.  He arrived late, carrying a huge Mac computer in a box and proceeded to plug in a bunch of wires and get everything wired up.  He was wearing worn jeans, an orange T-shirt, and was chewing gum so fast it was hard to even register the fact that a human could chew that fast.  I liked him; he seemed very authentic.  I’m hoping Mike decides to join the group that put on the event because it seems like there are lots of other digital musicians in the Seattle area.  He played through some of the music he’s written and then walked us through it in more depth explaining what he was doing.  It was pretty interesting, but I was exhausted after a long day at work and tried hard not to fall asleep.  It was a struggle but I mostly succeeded.  There might have been a few moments here and there where I drifted off, but for the most part I was awake and following what was going on.  🙂

Tonight Mike and I are off to the theater to see The King’s Speech, which is supposed to be really good and took home a bunch of Academy Awards.  Has anyone seen it?  Was it as good as it’s supposed to be?  I’ll post my thoughts on it later, but won’t talk too much about it in case some people haven’t seen it yet.


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