An Inner Compass

As indicated by the previous blog post’s title, Mike and I saw The King’s Speech on Sunday.  It was good… it wasn’t great.  Honestly, based on the Academy Awards it received, I expected better.  It was reasonably interesting and well-acted, but the thing that I liked the most about it was just the historical perspective (it took place during the beginning of World War II).  Beyond that, the most interesting thing about it is that the same actress who played Bellatrix LeStrange (hope I’m spelling that right) in Harry Potter played King George VI’s wife.  She played an absolutely vicious character in Harry Potter, and an absolute sweetheart in this role, so it definitely showcased her acting abilities.  After the movie Mike and I went out to dinner at a restaurant inside the mall.

The drain in my bathroom sink has been getting slower and slower… I think between Piper’s fur and my hair, the sink didn’t stand a chance.  Mike told me he could fix it if we got liquid plumber, so while he was asleep Sunday morning I headed out to the store and brought home liquid plumber.  He worked on pouring liquid plumber down my sink while I went to the Lululemon Run Club.  It was pretty mean of me to leave him there with a bottle of chemicals and head out to enjoy the sunny day and go running, but I missed Run Club last week, and I don’t want it to become a habit.  I went for a short run and lifted some weights yesterday, so I was already tired, but fortunately everyone else was also tired for one reason or another so it was more of a laidback run.  On the way back, one of the guys, another girl, and I were in the lead and got stopped by a man downtown looking for directions to a hotel.  We knew approximately where the hotel was and we pointed him in the right direction.  He looked really confused and said, “Please… just tell me… which way is north.”  I know which way north is in Seattle in general, but when you get amid all the tall buildings, you lose track of things like directions (at least I do), so I pointed in the wrong direction.  Fortunately, the guy with us pointed in the right direction.  I explained to the lost guy that the streets downtown don’t run north/south and east/west… they all run at 45 degree angles.  He looked very illuminated… like all of a sudden his inner compass made sense.  It must be nice to have enough of an inner compass to be screwed up by streets running at 45 degree angles… as long as I’ve got a good old landmark or intersection to go off of, I’m good.  But I have no internal compass.  At any given time, any direction I face could be north; they’re all the same to me.  Sad, isn’t it?  🙂  The 45-degree angle streets messed with Mike’s internal compass the first month too, but my non-existent inner compass was never bothered in the slightest.  Having said that, I know the lay of the land in Seattle really well because of all the running I do in and around Seattle… and I never forget a landmark or an intersection.  Who needs a compass when you remember every street name?  🙂

I got home from Run Club to discover that Mike has fixed the sink so that it drains properly… apparently liquid plumber does the trick!

I’ll make it up to Mike tomorrow, because I’m going downtown with him to his Logic Studio User’s Group meeting.  Well, he’ll probably go to the meeting and I’ll walk with him and then wander around looking in the shops downtown till his meeting is over and I’ll walk home with him.  It should be a fun evening… very relaxing, and the weather is supposed to be nice!  🙂


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