A Night on the Town and Flaked Tuna

Today was crazily busy at work… there’s busy, and then there’s crazily busy, and there’s mind-bogglingly busy (and if you don’t believe in tongue twisters, try repeating that last one three times fast).  So today wasn’t mind-bogglingly busy, but it was crazily busy.  But our team pulled together and got a lot accomplished, so I have a sense of accomplishment tonight and I feel like I deserve a good rest.  I’ve already eaten a giant salad and I’m waiting for a giant sweet potato to come out of the oven, and I’ve got a little black cat in my lap purring contentedly, so I’m well on my way to relaxing.  🙂

Last night I didn’t get out of work until 6pm, and I rushed home because Mike and I were planning to walk together to his electronic music meetup downtown which started at 7pm and I knew it would probably take half an hour to walk there, depending on where it was.  I called Mike on my way home to find out what time he wanted to leave, and there was no answer.  Really?  Ok… I hurried home, ate a quick dinner, and then called Mike again at 6:20pm.  No answer.  Really?  Ok… I decided to wait until he called me.  He called at 6:25pm and said he’d just gotten out of the shower.  I asked him if he knew where the group was meeting.  “Downtown”.  Oh.  Ok.  I met Mike at his apartment, and he told me we should probably hurry because he’d just looked up directions on getting to the building, and the meetup was on the 40th floor of an office building, and they stopped running the elevators precisely at 7pm.  Yup, sounds like we had to get moving.  We left our apartment building at 6:38pm, and the building was farther away than I had originally guessed. <Note: I used to think Mike was always late and printed out directions late because of a time issue.  I no longer think that… with all the time in the world and nothing to do today that was more important than the electronic music meeting, Mike still printed out directions at 6:32pm and wasn’t out the door till 6:38pm.  We are not talking time issues here; we are talking personality types!  End of Note>

We walked fast… really fast, zigzagging along the small city blocks and taking whichever ways we weren’t getting stopped by traffic lights.  At 6:58pm we entered the building and Mike headed to an elevator.  He pushed the button for the 40th floor… and nothing happened.  They had already shut off the elevators.  40 flights of stairs is a LOT of stairs to climb, in case you’re wondering.  However, as so often happens with Mike, everything worked out.  Another guy appeared and joined Mike in the elevator… and it was the guy who was presenting his work at the meeting… so the meeting definitely wasn’t starting without him.  I left, and Mike texted me a minute later to tell me that there were some security guards around to get the elevators going again.

Left to my own devices and now suddenly able to walk at a normal speed I wandered through a few grocery stores nearby (I know… I’m a freak… I spend half my time at grocery stores and get giddy when I see new varieties of almond butter.)  Then I wandered over towards 5th avenue and the mall and the shopping district.  I got some great deals at Old Navy…. (sweaters for $6 – $10 each!) and a peach-colored summery dress.  I also got Mike some shorts for summer and a dark red T-shirt.  By that point, I was carrying several bags and was getting tired.  I texted Mike that I was going to head home, and that actually worked out well because when I got home Mike texted me saying that all the guys were going out for drinks and he was going too.  I’m really glad Mike’s starting to get some connections in Seattle and get to know people!  I love that he had a chance to have a “guy’s night” with some other electronic music guys.

Mike stayed up all night working on music (he’s on a third-shift schedule these days), and he was still awake in the morning to hit the workout room with me, so that was fun… we don’t get to work out together very often.

Around 3pm he texted me that he was still awake and exhausted and heading to bed, so I don’t think I’ll hear from him tonight.  🙂  Piper was slightly traumatized when I got home because some apartment people had come in to check the cable box.  Despite her trauma she mowed through the Friskies flaked tuna food I put down for her way faster than she usually eats, and now she’s really frisky (maybe she’s just living up to the name of her cat food?) and she jumped off my lap and is jumping around on the bed and acting crazy with her toy mice.  I think she loved that flaked tuna… it smelled nastier than most cat food I give her, and that usually means it will be a hit with her.

The sun came out just as I was leaving work after having been hidden behind clouds all day, so I get to sit in my apartment and enjoy the sunshine (at least until the sun goes down).  I’ve got my window open and I can hear the sound of the occasional jet flying overhead (yes, we have a lot of those) and the sounds of people going by down below periodically.

It’s just about time to take my sweet potato out of the oven, so that’s all for this post!  🙂


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