20 Miles!

This morning I ran 20 MILES!!!  Which is farther than I’ve ever run before.  I am so excited… it makes the marathon feel very possible, even though the marathon will actually be 6.2 miles farther.  That might not sound like a lot compared to 20 miles, but it is approximately another hour of running.  Which does make a difference.  🙂

When I first started out this morning at 6:15am it was drizzling rain.  Bummer.  I was pretty wet before I’d even gone my first couple of miles.  The one good thing about starting your run in the rain is that typically the weather can only improve from there.  After I’d been running about two hours and had reached Green Lake and had already run around it a couple of times, the sun came out and I was left with a beautiful day… not too cold and not too windy.  🙂  I ran around the lake three times, so I saw some of the same people several times who were walking or running around the lake in the opposite direction as me.  There were two older guys walking around the lake multiple times that I passed a couple of times, and the the third time I passed them, one of them called out “3rd or 4th time around?”  “Third!” I called back.  I passed them one more time before heading home, and one of them called, “You’re amazing!”.  I’m not, and I know I’m not, but it felt good to have my running effort appreciated anyway.  🙂  I also passed some people walking their dogs multiple times  during my run, and each time I spotted them, the dogs were wetter and more bedraggled.  🙂  But the dogs seemed happy to be out anyway, and even the people seemed fine with the constant drizzle.  Despite the weather, there were probably a couple hundred people walking or running around Green Lake this morning.  It was a beautiful, fun run, and it makes me feel optimistic that I’ll actually be ready for the marathon in June!  🙂

I talked to Mike this morning, and he stayed up all night working on music, but is now ready to go out and hit the town!  (More specifically, Guitar Center).  🙂  So we’re planning to go out soon and hit the mall and Guitar Center.  I’ve already showered and eaten a gigantic breakfast choc full of almond butter, protein powder, and everything else I could think of to help my muscles rebuild… I think my muscles are thanking me right now.  🙂

I haven’t been able to catch a super adorable picture of Piper in her box yet, but I do have a semi-cute picture.

Piper near the new box

Piper near the new box

This morning she’s enjoying the sunshine parked on our rug… she absolutely adores that rug, especially when the morning sun shines on it!

All right… I should go… time to go out in the sun with Mike and enjoy the day!  🙂


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