A Shiny New Box

It’s Friday once again, and I’m left wondering where the week went.

I was cold all day at work today, so I knew tonight was going to be a soup night.  Not a home-cooked, slow-cooker soup (since I wasn’t proactive enough to plan anything this morning).  No… more like a heated up canned soup kind of night.  🙂  Fortunately 365 (the Whole Foods brand) has the most amazing canned lentil soup, and I knew I had a couple cans of that at home and some yummy, seedy Mary’s gone Crackers brand crackers to go with it (yes, this is the same Mary’s gone Crackers that makes the curry sticks and twigs.  They make crackers as well, as their name indicates.)  I had a nice warming dinner after a slight mishap in which I spilled some of the soup on the stovetop and the counter.  Piper was slightly frazzled when I got home, but Mike texted me in the middle of the day saying that the fire alarm had been set off accidentally and it had freaked Piper out, so I knew what was bothering her.  She’s on my lap now with her icy nose buried in my elbow.

Mike must be asleep, because I’ve tried calling him and texting him a couple times, but he’s not answering.  He stayed up last night working on music, and he’s just been on some sort of weird half-third shift, half no-shift kind of schedule the past couple weeks.  So my guess is I won’t see him tonight but I probably will tomorrow morning.

It’s been a little chillier here the past couple of days… in the mid 40’s.  This weather is unseasonably cold for Seattle this time of year (that’s what the weathermen say anyway), so apparently Mike and I brought the cold weather with us.  Yesterday it poured rain, which is unusual for Seattle… usually it’s just drizzly.

I have a new box out, and Piper is loving playing inside it.  I’ve been trying for the past two days to get a picture of her in the box, but whenever I get out my camera she comes out of the box.  Definitely not being very cooperative.  But I am determined to capture a good picture of her in that box sometime this weekend, which will of course get posted for everyone’s enjoyment.  🙂

No plans for the weekend, so hopefully Mike and I will just get a chance to relax!  It’s been a busy couple of weeks


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