Impossibly Relaxed

So here I am… back to post again for the second time today.  I’m about as relaxed as I could possibly get.  I’m physically tired (not in a go-to-sleep way, but in a very relaxed way), I just had a giant sweet potato and multiple glasses of milk with protein powder in it (to build up my muscles after my run this morning), and I’m heating up water in my little lime green teapot for twig tea.  It’s been a fun day, but now I’m content to just sit in my apartment and read one of my new magazines or my new book.  🙂

As mentioned earlier, I went on my longest run ever this morning (yea!).  I feel like between the runner’s Gu I eat during the runs and the protein mixed with milk that I drink off and on the day of my long run, I’m getting the nutrition component of distance running figured out… which will hopefully come in handy for my June marathon.  🙂

Around 11am Mike and I headed out.  First we stopped at Espresso Vivace… the most amazing coffee house in the city… and it’s right next to our apartment.  One of the best baristas there lives right down the hall from Mike in our same apartment building.  (That’s not very important… just a fun tid-bit.)  🙂  I had painted my toenails a fun, bright orange-y pink, but it turned out to be too cold to wear the sandals I was planning on wearing so my bright, cheery toenails had to go without being seen.  I’m definitely looking forward to those warmer days!

Our first stop was Guitar Center, and on our way there Mike and I saw a fire truck.  Those things are really huge.  They weren’t on their way to a fire, and were just navigating right along with the normal traffic.  Did anyone know that they actually have one guy sitting in front with a steering wheel for navigating the front wheels and another guy sitting in the back with a steering wheel for navigating the back wheels?  That even took Mike by surprise, and he usually knows everything possible about every piece of motorized equipment.  I guess even Mike learns a new thing once in awhile.  🙂

We didn’t get anything at Guitar Center, but Mike looked at Maracas for awhile and shook various ones and asked me which ones had the best tone.  He’s thinking he’d like to add maracas to some of his electronic music.  I gave my feedback as best as I could, but I don’t know much about maracas.

From there we headed downtown.  I still had some money left on a Lululemon gift card Mike gave me back in August, so I put it towards a new running coat.  Their running and yoga clothes are SO nice!  I have been using my Lululemon running coat every single time I have run outdoors all winter, so it was definitely time to supplement it with another running coat so it doesn’t wear out too fast!

From the mall, we crossed the skybridge into Nordstroms and looked around there for a little while, and by then I was starving and Mike was hungry too so we went to the food court in the mall.  Mediterranean tabbouli salad with warm pita bread for me, and Cajun chicken for Mike!  Yum!  I hadn’t had tabbouli salad in WAY too long!  I just love Greek/Mediterranean food!  After that, we headed home.  It was sunny outside and reasonably warm (55 degrees), so it was a nice walk back, although of course I was chilly as usual.  As usual, Mike had the opposite problem and had to take off his coat because he got too warm.  We walked past a gorgeous dark red porsche with an amazing paint job… very cool!  Back at Mike’s apartment, Mike had me listen to some of the music he’s discovered lately (he’s learning about a lot of new electronic music) as well as some older music that he discovered I hadn’t heard of before.  Mike got pretty tired then, since he’d been up all night, so he is going to bed soon.  I went to my apartment and have been hanging out with Piper… here are two more adorable Piper pictures.

Piper on the rug

Piper on the rug

This is Piper on my rug earlier today when the sun was shining in.  She loves letting the sun’s warmth soak into her black fur!

Piper on her kitty pillow

Piper on her kitty pillow

Here’s Piper on her kitty pillow that’s in the lowest cubby of her kitty condo.  I took this one just a few minutes ago… it’s twilight so she’s not getting much sun but she always soaks up any little bit she can get.  🙂

It’s pretty inexcusable that I didn’t get any pictures of Mike and me… I meant to while we were out today, but we were having fun and I didn’t think of getting my camera out.  Hopefully I’ll get a picture of us tomorrow!


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