A Chocolate Chip Cooky Night

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early at a quarter to 6am.  I thought about calling Mike because we had talked about going out to breakfast that morning at a 24-hour restaurant called 13 Coins near our house.  I decided not to call him because he was probably still asleep.  At 6:23am, however, he called me and had already been awake for awhile because he went to bed really early, which meant he woke up really early.  I still haven’t been able to figure out his schedule yet.  🙂  Anyway, we headed over to 13 Coins and had a nice breakfast there.  It’s always fun being out early in the morning with Mike wandering around the city… everything is quieter on a Sunday morning than it is at any other time.  Afterwards, we stopped by Espresso Vivace and had coffees there and sat up at the bar along the big window along the front of the cafe so that we could see people go by outside while we talked.  All in all, it was a pretty relaxing Sunday!

I skipped Run Club last night even though it was absolutely perfect running weather because I had already run that morning and because Mike and I had plans for a Cooky Night.  For those who can’t guess what this might refer to (probably not many of you!), a Cooky night is a night where I bake cookies.  We walked up to the grocery store on Capitol Hill in just sweatshirts because it was so nice and warm outside, and we got the ingredients needed for chocolate chip cookies.  I also insisted that we get some ingredients to make a beef stew in the slow cooker because Mike’s pretty much been eating weird meals at weird times lately, and it’s time for him to have more of a schedule!  Mike was slightly cranky about it, because he hates grocery shopping with the same passion most people hate snakes and spiders.  I tried to be extra  cheery, though, and I think I balanced him out.  🙂  On our way back, the sky was starting to turn grey and look like rain, and the wind had picked up.  I was too cold in just my sweatshirt, so I got cranky and Mike had to cheer me up.  Give and take… that’s what relationships are about, right?  🙂

Once we got home I set to work getting all my ingredients together while Mike looked at a magazine.  Mike offered to stir, but I was on a roll!  I even had Ghiradhelli chocolate chips because they were on sale, so the cookies were a little richer than usual.  Mike had several last night and then he came up to my apartment at 5am this morning to get more, so I’m assuming they must have gone over well.  🙂

It’s sunny and gorgeous outside, but I think it’s still kind of cold.  My team at work is getting together after work, so I’ll either go with them or go home and hang out with Mike and Piper.  Piper is back to shedding like crazy for some reason, so she really needs to be brushed!


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