German Lager

Yesterday was a busy morning because I got a slow cooker beef stew going in the morning.  Seriously… slow cooker meals could just not get any easier.  I had a moment of panic yesterday when I couldn’t find my slow cooker cookbook… I must be getting too attached to that thing.  🙂  I also did some relaxing yoga (which felt awesome, although today my shoulders are sore from all the chatturunga pushups I did).  I talked with Mike in the morning too… he’s been investigating music synthesizers, which can act as plugins into the music setup he already has.  I’m getting used to talking to Mike (and sometimes hanging out with him) in the morning… he’s been on such a weird 3rd shift schedule that sometimes it’s been easier to talk to him in the morning rather than at night.  However, yesterday he stayed up all day and slept all night and didn’t call me till after 6am this morning, so maybe he’s getting on a more regular schedule now!

To celebrate a beta release on my project at work, the project manager took all of the team (about 20 people) out to a German bar for dinner and drinks last night.  It was a VERY German bar… lots of lager, ale, beer, weiner schnitzel, fried pickles (yes, I did say fried pickles) and pretzels with mustard on the menu.  Despite my German heritage I’m sad to say I couldn’t appreciate much on the menu.  🙂  I did have a lot of fun hanging out with my co-workers in a non-work environment though… it was relaxing and fun.  I feel like I got to know some of the people on the team better.

This morning I feel very productive because I’ve already run 5.5 miles, showered, and I have my sheets in the washer and I’ll get them in the dryer before I leave for work.  🙂  It’s supposed to be really warm the next couple days and get up to about 60 this weekend, but then it’s supposed to rain on Sunday.  Did anyone else realize that this Sunday is Easter???  I had no idea until Mike said something about it yesterday… it’s very strange.  Without family nearby holidays are really an afterthought.  We miss Mike’s family and my family… we wish we could spend Easter with you!  But we’ll probably just read the Easter chapter about Jesus’s resurrection in the Bible and relax.  We’re sending a Happy Easter out to all of our friends and family in Michigan!  Jesus rose again… that’s an amazing reason to celebrate!


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