Dental Adventures

So I had an out-of-the-ordinary, but not super pleasant experience today.  I was at work, and all of a sudden something in my mouth felt weird… and then my crown popped off of my tooth, leaving a sensitive ground-down tooth exposed.  Really?  Bummer.  Now what?  My stub of a tooth was really sensitive, so I figured I should try to get it re-crowned before the weekend, because no dentist in his right mind works weekends.  Going to a dentist meant I needed an appointment.  Making an appointment meant I had to have a dentist.  Getting a dentist meant I had to figure out my dental insurance.  Figuring out my dental insurance meant research.  *Sigh*

An hour later I had found a reputable dentist that was only a ten minute bus ride away and I had made an appointment.  Because my crown fell off I got to be admitted as an “emergency” case.  I didn’t really consider myself quite at that state, but since it got me a same-day appointment I didn’t complain.

I took a late lunchbreak to get to the dentist by 2pm.  The bus trip was super easy… nothing to report there.  The dentist’s office seemed small, but was bright and cheery.  The receptionist was very nice and chatty, and then I got ushered into her the dental exam room by an equally nice and equally hygenist.  She chatted so much and was so knowledgeable that I thought she was the dentist, but no… the dentist came in a little later.  She was even more nice and even more chatty than either the receptionist or the hygenist.  I was sensing a pattern here.  However, in addition to being very nice and very chatty, the two women were clearly professionals.  The dentist examined my tooth, and announced my crown was great and she could just recement it.  She had a lot of fancy tools for recementing it, and wanted to know if I wanted to be numbed up.  Aren’t you just recementing the tooth?  You’re not doing any drilling, are you?  No, no drilling.  She obviously didn’t know who she was talking to.  After having had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled under only a local anesthetic, I definitely didn’t need to be numbed to have my mouth cemented.  I told her to get in there and do whatever she had to do and I’d try to be a good patient.  All in all, it was a great dental experience… fast, friendly, and now I can chew again.  🙂

After work, it was a beautiful day, but kind of chilly.  Mike and I went for a combination walk/run down Eastlake, a cool street that runs north to the University District.  It was sunny, and at cross streets we could look down and see the sun sparkling on Lake Union.  SO pretty!

After returning home and eating a yummy dinner of southwest blackbean soup and Mary’s Gone Crackers, I’m now hanging out in Mike’s apartment listening to some of the music he’s been writing.  It’s definitely better than it was when I heard it last week!

And so ends Thursday.  The great thing about Thursday is that it’s the last work night of the week.  I’ve been taking cold-eeze tablets like crazy today, because literally half of my team at work is sick, and I’m hoping not to be next.  I think we need a weekend so that everyone can get rest and recover!

Mike has been on a normal schedule the past couple of days, so maybe he’s done being a night owl for awhile.


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