Green juice and a veggie omlette

Mike and I watched the movie The Fighter this weekend with Christian Bale.  It was a really well-done movie… the best part (besides the fact that it had Christian Bale in it 🙂  ) was that it was based on a true story… I love those kinds of movies!  We felt like watching a movie, so we browsed the iTunes rental movies and decided on this one.  It was a perfect Saturday evening movie!  I also went running on Saturday morning and went 16 miles.  I was really tired (probably from walking around Puget Sound the night before) and my knee was hurting a little by the end, so I’m going to take it easy on running this week to give it a chance to rest up.  I definitely don’t need any more IT band problems!  🙂

On Sunday I made up a slow cooker meal for Easter.  I know ham is the traditional Easter meal, but Mike doesn’t really like ham and I don’t eat meat so ham is pretty impractical for us.  Instead I made up Greek chicken with white beans.  I also got some snowflake rolls from the store that were nice and soft.  Mike seemed to really like it.   I had a sweet potato with a lot of cinnamon on it and a giant salad filled with about ten different kinds of nuts and veggies.  It was really good too!  Mike and I had a very laid-back, quiet Easter.  We were both tired for some reason and didn’t feel like doing very much, and it was grey and rainy so there wasn’t really anywhere we wanted to go anyway.

Yesterday at work was extremely busy… I didn’t get out of work until 6pm and I had to stop at Whole Foods for some groceries so I didn’t actually get home until 7pm.  By that time Piper was more than ready to be fed and gobbled up her food really quickly.  I was really hungry and tired, and Mike was very sweet and made me a  veggie omlette.  Usually I’m not a big fan of eggs, but I think I need more protein in my diet and this omlette had lots of chopped up red peppers and spinach in it, which made it yummy!

Work today is going to be really busy… actually this whole week will be really busy.  Fortunately on the days I need to work late, Mike seems fine just working on music.  He’s been really dedicated with that.  He got a magazine with some tutorials in it this weekend, and he’s been working his way through that.  I haven’t heard anything he’s been working on lately, but he seems to be making good progress!

I’m just sitting her posting (and procrastinating getting ready for work) with Piper on my lap.  I’m trying to get more salad greens in my diet, so I bought a bottled green juice that contains: celery, cucumber, spinach, mustard greens, kale, collard greens, and parsley.  It was on sale, and I knew it was really healthy, but I’m struggling my way through it.  You can’t really make a bunch of greenery into a smoothie just by pureeing it.  🙂  I drank about a cup on Saturday and I’m working my way through another cup this morning.  No wonder Mike calls me a rabbit.  🙂

It’s supposed to be reasonably warm today and get up into the mid 50’s.  I’ll take it, but I’m still hoping that we make it up to the mid 60’s sometime soon!


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