The Wet Tail

Yesterday was a pretty cloudy, windy day, but towards the end of the day the sun came out and it was pretty warm and beautiful.  Mike and I were running out of some essentials that are heavy to carry (like laundry detergent) and Mike needed a piece of software from the Apple store, so we rented a Zipcar and drove to the University Village shopping area in the University District.  It’s a very charming, quaint area.  It’s pretty much like a sprawling outdoor mall, so when you walk between stores you’re doing it outside instead of inside.  Our first stop was the Apple store, and Mike got his software.  Then we walked through a couple other stores before heading to the grocery store, which was also in the University Village.  I got a little out of sorts because I hate actually using a big grocery cart and filling it up… I have kind of a phobia of big grocery carts.  I will cheerfully go to the grocery store five days a week as long as I only have to buy a little basket of items each time, but this whole “fill up a big cart” strategy has never been my thing (Ask anyone who’s gone grocery shopping with me… I avoid big carts like the plague.)  Mike, however, was more in his element.  This is the kind of shopping he likes… one big trip in which you get 24 rolls of toilet paper, 5 jugs of laundry detergent, 2 big containers of kitty litter… etc.  He sees that as being a valid trip, whereas my little constant trips are viewed as pretty inefficient.  After the grocery store, I asked if we could stop at Trader Joes, a specialty grocery store a couple miles from our house.  I usually don’t go there because it’s a ways to walk, but I absolutely love their canned lentil veggie soup.  Mike agreed, although a shopping trip dedicated to soup was much less his speed.  🙂  We got back to our apartment and then had to unload everything (that’s the other thing that’s not fun about big grocery trips) and then we dropped the Zipcar off and walked home.  It was starting to get chilly, but it was still pretty nice out.  Our temperatures are supposed to get up into the low to mid 60’s for the next five days, so that’s awesome!

Since I haven’t been running this week to give my knee a chance to recover, I haven’t typically been getting up as early so I’ve been getting to bed a little later.  I tried to sleep in this morning, but Piper had decided it was not going to happen.  She stood on my nightstand and ruffled the magazines on it with her paw over and over.  I turned over enough to swat at her, and she ran towards the bathroom mewing.  There was about a minute of golden silence, and then I heard the sound of something falling in the bathroom.  *Sigh*  Ok, Piper…  you win.  I got up, fed Piper, and discovered that she’d knocked my big bar of soap into the sink.  That wasn’t bad as far as things she could have knocked over (although I’m somewhat mystified why she felt the need to be in the bathroom sink).  🙂

I’m on my second cup of Japanese twig tea this morning.  I didn’t drink the first one… Piper was sitting on my lap while I was typing and in the process of switching her tail back and forth, she accidentally stuck it in my tea.  Piper was immediately unhappy because she hates getting wet with a passion, and I was unhappy because my tea was now sprinkled with cat hair.  Piper retreated under the bed (her default spot when she’s unhappy) while I got another cup of tea.  Then I looked under the bed and Piper was there watching me with giant yellow eyes.  I told her it was ok and she was a good girl, and then she crept out from under the bed and sat on my lap and purred.  Cats!

Yesterday was Lia Justine’s birthday, and today is her mom Linda’s birthday!  Happy birthday to two of the most wonderful women I know!!!  🙂

Today is dawning bright and sunshiny, and I’m going to get coffee today!  🙂  We have an intern at work who’s from Saskatchewan, CA, and his last day is today because he’s going back to school to take classes this summer.  He has a $20 coupon for a local coffee house, so we’re all walking over there this morning and he’s treating us to coffee.  Yum!  I’ll probably still get decaf… but who knows?  Maybe I’ll get all crazy and get the caffeinated kind.  🙂

I feel like I should say something about the royal wedding since it’s a big historic event, but there’s not much to say.  I saw pictures online this morning, and Kate Middleton looked gorgeous and they both looked really happy.  I hope they’re both very happy.  🙂

Time to go and finish getting ready for work!  One more day until the weekend!  I sense a movie in my future; the new Fast and the Furious movie is coming out and I think Mike will want to see it.


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