1:59pm on Sunday…

Friday night was very relaxing!  The weather here has been getting nicer and nicer (it’s supposed to be 66 degrees tomorrow!) and it’s been mostly sunny.  After dinner Mike and I headed downtown to enjoy the weather.  We looked in some stores, but mostly we just wandered around.  Since it was a nice day and a Friday night there were just tons of people downtown.  In the big triangular-shaped park by the mall, there was a guy who was alternating preaching with rapping, and his rap songs were about the grace of God.  He had other people with him who were handing out Gospel literature.  Definitely unconventional as far as West Michigan preaching goes, but I really respect the way he was out there telling people about Christ and showing how he cared about helping people get to know God.

We were looking for some good walking shoes for me that I can also wear at work.  Unfortunately the Walking Company was already closed by the time we got downtown.  We still had a fun time wandering around.

Early Saturday afternoon, though, we headed back downtown again to catch the Walking Company while they were open.  First we stopped at the new 3-story Forever XX1 store that just opened across from the mall.  Poor Mike was very patient while I wandered around, helpfully offering feedback.  The we stopped at the Walking Company.  The guy who worked there seemed very nice and very helpful and gave us background info on the various shoe companies.  Next we looked at Nordstroms for shoes, and then we headed into the mall and looked at Williams Sonoma.  They always have such cool stuff there; it’s such a treat just to walk around and see all the cool, hard-core kitchen gadgets they have.

Our next stop was a stop I picked: two spice stores down by the Pike’s Place market.  Mike did research on cinnamon and discovered that Cassia cinnamon contains small amounts of a toxic substance, and given the amounts of cinnamon I eat, he said I should be eating Ceylon cinnamon, a safer, non-toxic type of cinnamon.  We had fun in the spice stores… I always love smelling the different types of spices.  I kept sneezing while I was in there because I kept smelling things like cayenne pepper and various kinds of curry powder.  I guess I deserve what I get.  🙂

After that, we stopped at the Nordstrom Cafe to get something quick to eat, and then we went back to the Walking Company to look again.  Our final stop was the drugstore to pick up a few essentials, and then we headed home.

It was a long, fun, relaxing afternoon downtown.  We didn’t go fast, and we weren’t in a hurry.  🙂

Today we are planning to go see the new Fast and the Furious movie and then later tonight we’ll read some Scripture from the Bible.  It’s so beautiful today… 66 degrees, sunny, and a bright blue sky.  Perfect weather!  M’ike and I are just hanging out with Piper for a little while before we head to the movie.  She’s in a playful mood and is batting at everything in sight.  The title of the blog post is the current time here; that title was Mike’s idea.  🙂


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