Fast Five… or whatever that movie’s called

Mike and I went to see the new Fast and the Furious movie on Sunday.  Honestly, neither one of us liked it.  Mike said it was trying to be like Ocean’s 11 in terms of being a big “heist” movie, but it didn’t have the good characters Ocean’s 11 had.  It had a few fast car chase scenes, but most of them involved police cars.  Definitely not a movie I recommend.

However, in better news, we stopped at the Cheesecake Factory after the movie, and the Cheesecake Factory is always good.  🙂  Also in better news, the weather over the weekend was just fantastic… mid 60’s and sunny.  It was in the high 50’s yesterday and it was really rainy in the morning, but last night the sun came out for awhile and gave me time to walk to the grocery store without needing an umbrella.  Mike had a headache yesterday, so he laid low last night and watched some episodes of The Wire, a show that he has on DVD.

I enjoyed a small cup of coffee this morning.  I remembered that I got some coffee this weekend and hadn’t finished it so it was still sitting in my fridge.  It was probably only about 3oz of coffee, but it was still a nice start to the morning.  🙂

Piper has been crazily playful lately… I think she is loving the spring time!  She had three of her little mousies on the bed last night, and she knocked them all of repeatedly and I had to keep finding them and retrieving them for her.  All of that activity must have worn her out, because she slept well last night and is curled up on my bed fast asleep now.

Well, time for work!  I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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