A walk downtown

The garbage truck is down on the street below making a bunch of noise as it picks up the garbage from the apartment building.  I wonder why garbage trucks always seem to pick up trash really early in the morning, regardless of where you live.  Is it somehow better to pick up trash early in the morning rather than middle of the day?  I have no idea.

Last night it was an absolutely beautiful day… 65 and sunny.  Mike and I went downtown and got a dress shirt and a nice pair of khakis for him… he’s pretty much out of nice clothes.  We went to the Verizon store because my two-year agreement is up so I can get a deeply discounted iPhone 4.  How exciting… I’ve waited a long time to get an iPhone with this discount!  They told me I’m not eligible for the discount until Friday.  Really?  They couldn’t give me the discount two days early (especially since they keep sending me fliers in the mail telling me I’m already eligible)?  Apparently not.  The rep said they must be sending the fliers out preemptively.  Ok.  The fliers definitely didn’t say anything about waiting till Friday.  But after waiting a year for the two year contract to end so I can get an iPhone, waiting two more days isn’t a big deal.  Mike and I also just walked around a little, because it was so nice outside.  Today is cooler (58 or so) and rainy so it wouldn’t be as fun to go anywhere today.

I got to talk to an old friend from GE on the phone last night… that was fun!  It feels like such a long time since Mike and I worked at GE.  I guess it has been a long time… I’m almost 30!  🙂

I’ll try to post a few pictures of Piper tonight… I’ve been getting a few cute ones of her.  🙂  She spit up a very disgusting looking hairball this morning and was pretty distraught about it.  Cats are funny… they lick themselves and get a bunch of hair in their stomach but don’t see the connection between licking hair and having hairballs.  Poor Piper!  🙂  At least she seems to be feeling better now.


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