A tired Friday night

It’s been a busy week, and I’m tired!  Mike and I were planning to go out tonight… but it didn’t happen.  He had an interview early this morning (8am), so he had to get up early, which is hard given that he hasn’t had to get up early in the past several months.  He didn’t sleep well last night, so I suggested he head to bed right after the interview.  I think he did, because I tried calling him when I got out of work and there was no answer.  I know everyone’s interested in how his interview went, but there’s not a simple answer.  It seemed to go well, but he doesn’t know everything the position requires so he would need to learn some things on the job.  Hopefully we’ll hear back on that one way or the other next week, although the last time he had an interview that seemed to go well he never heard anything back at all… so we just have to wait and see!  We’ve prayed about it, and we’re fine with waiting and seeing how God leads.

That was the big news of the day… I’m just tired from a week at work so I don’t have much that’s exciting or witty to say.

The little black mop dog named Sophie at work is really starting to latch onto me, to the point where she tries to jump into my lap a couple times a day.  🙂  Today she sat on my lap for about 20 minutes in the morning and another 20 minutes in the afternoon.  She runs up to my chair and starts pawing madly at my legs till I make room for her to jump up in my lap.  She’s such a sweetheart with such a cute little black hairy face.

Piper is curled up on my lap now, and she seems very content.  I know I said I’d try to post pictures of her last night, but I didn’t get to it.  I do have a couple pictures, though, and I’ll get them up sometime this weekend.  I’ll also post a more interesting post this weekend… I think I’m too tired right now to do much besides read a magazine.  Fortunately I have a new one that came in the mail yesterday.  🙂  So that will probably be how I spend my Friday evening!


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