I worked late last night and came in early this morning, so it’s been a busy early part of the week!

Last night when I got home I was ready to just relax, so after dinner Mike suggested we go down to Espresso Vivace and get some decaf coffee.  We did that, and it was really relaxing.  We drank the coffee there in the big white mugs that they have, and we sat on the high stools along the bar in front of the cafe so that we could watch people and dogs walk by outside.  Since we were essentially staring right at REI across the street we walked over there when we finished our coffee and just wandered around a little.

Tonight Mike and I might go out for dinner.  We got two coupons for half off the Irish pub we really like, so it might be time to use one!  The only problem is that Mike is now somehow back on a third shift schedule, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t wake up till 8pm tonight.  But IF he’s awake at 5:30pm and IF he’s ok with getting dinner food even though it’s technically breakfast for him, we’ll probably go out tonight.  We’ll see… if not there’s a wonderful black bean soup on sale at Whole Foods.  🙂

Today was definitely a coffee day.  For some reason I woke up at 4am wide awake.  I lay there enjoying the sound of the birds outside since I always keep my windows slightly open at night (what were birds doing up at 4am?) and enjoying Piper’s warm little body curled up against my arm.  It was really nice… but of course that meant that by10am I was definitely tired.  One cup of half caf coffe later, though, I’m fine (although I can’t seem to stop jiggling my foot).  🙂

We’re finally getting spring weather in Seattle!  It’s overcast today, but it’s not raining, and our temperatures are going to be consistently in the high 50’s to mid 60’s all week.  That’s definitely exciting!  This Saturday Mike and I are going to a concert by my favorite French singer, so I’m excited about that too.

I’m enjoying my new iPhone, although I’m definitely not using it to its full potential.  So far I use it as an alarm clock and I’ve downloaded two fitness apps, one of which tracks my marathon training.  I probably didn’t need a smart phone to be able to do those things.  🙂  Still, I love it!  And I now have the Kindle application installed on my iPhone so I can read books on the go!  (I haven’t actually done this yet, but now at least I have the capability to.)

Little Sophie (the black mop dog at work) sat on my lap for awhile this morning and was so cute!  She lay her chin on the arm of my chair and surveyed the world, growling a very low growl when strangers walked by (Sophie has a thing with strangers… especially strangers who make eye contact.  She views it as threatening and growls).  She’s pretty precious.  🙂


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