A walk along Lake Union

Yesterday evening was beautiful!  Warm and sunny!  Mike and I went for a long walk up the west side of Lake Union.  It was so pretty!  They have a little park along the lake for part of the way, and then they have harbors with a lot of yachts in them.  Some of the yachts were just ridiculously big… I couldn’t believe how big!  There were a lot of sailboats in the harbors too.  Sailing seems fun, but both sailing and yachting (is yachting a verb?  It is now I guess!) are so expensive and such a commitment, so I don’t think Mike and I will be buying boats anytime soon!

Piper was glad to see me when I got home last night… she mewed and wanted to sit in my lap.  I really like having a cat… and Piper really is such a sweet loving cat.  My alarm on my iPhone went off this morning while I was in the shower and I could hear it going off, but of course I couldn’t turn it off since I was in the shower.  Piper was pretty unhappy with all the racket by the time I finally got out of the shower.  Poor Piper!  Her ears are more sensitive, and phone alarms really don’t make a relaxing noise anyway (I guess a phone that made a relaxing noise would defeat the purpose, since it probably wouldn’t wake you up!).

It’s already Wednesday… just a few days left until the weekend!  Hopefully it’ll be a gorgeous weekend here too… it looks like it will be warm!


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