A green gift bag, a wipeout, and Yelle

Ok… prepare yourselves for a long post!  I was lazy and didn’t update the blog at all over the weekend, so now I’m ready to give a full weekend report… including the French Yelle concert (which was super amazing by the way!).

Friday night I got home from work, and Mike called me while I was on my way home so I stopped by to see him.  Well, as soon as I opened the door to his apartment I assumed he must be cooking something because the fan over his stove was turned on to high and was making a racket.  But then I saw… a mini birthday cake with lit candles surrounded by little tarts and a lime green gift bag!

A birthday surprise!

A birthday surprise!

Awww!  That was so sweet of him to do something special for my birthday!  🙂  (In case you’re wondering, the paper towels are there on the left side of the screen because Mike got all natural beeswax candles for the cake, and apparently they drip a lot more than their more unnatural counterparts.  🙂  I blew out the candles.  Mike has a picture of that, but I don’t because I was too busy making use of all the cardiovascular endurance I’ve gained through running to blow out all the candles in one breath.  Then Mike and I each had one of the tart-like things, which are almond-flavored and not very sweet at all.  Mike tried one and said, “Yeah… these are totally your speed.  Bland and not sweet.”  🙂

Next up… the card and the green gift bag!  Mike had gotten me some perfume from Express that I have liked for a long time but haven’t been able to justify spending the money for.  What a sweetheart!  He also gave me a very nice card.  I was touched and read it out loud, and he got embarrassed and uncomfortable, but I thought it was sweet and read it out loud a second time.  🙂

Then we decided to have a relaxing evening in, since it was windy and rainy out and we knew we’d be going out the next night to go to the Yelle concert anyway.

Mike let me pick out a movie for us to rent from iTunes, so I picked the version of Pride and Prejudice that has Keira Knightley.  I liked it, but not as well as other versions of it that I’ve seen.  It seemed like they abbreviated a lot of things (I guess that’s why all of the others are 6-hr mini series instead of a two hour movie!)  Mike also paused the movie from time to time to point out interesting film techniques.  Mike: “Yeah… this jump shot is kind of inappropriate for a remake of a classic.”  Me: “Huh?”  Let’s just say I think he’ll do really well in UW’s TV and radio department!  🙂

Then we had a pretty early night, and I got up the next morning and went for a long run.  My long run this weekend was only 12 miles.  From now till the race I just alternate between 12 and 20 miles on my long runs.  So next weekend’s run will be 20 miles, and then 12, and then 20, and then 12, and then 8 (that’s my taper)…. and then race day!

On the way back from my run, I was downtown within a block of being home when I saw that there was a guy on the sidewalk up ahead walking away from me.   I thought I’d be able to pass him on the left, but he ambled into the very middle of the sidewalk so at the last second I decided to hop down off the curb, jet around the car that was parked beside the curb, and then run around the car and get back on the sidewalk.  That was the thought that went through my head… unfortunately my brain was going faster than my coordination apparently allowed.  🙂  As I leaped off the sidewalk over the curb, the toe of my running shoe caught the curb, and I wiped out, landed on my left side and slid six inches along the pavement.  Bummer.  Of course I got up and kept running.  I still had a half mile left before I hit my 12 miles, and neither scrapes nor bruises nor embarrassing wipeouts keep me from running.  I looked down at my left hand, though, and saw that my palm down near my wrist was scraped up, so as soon as I got home I attempted to clean out the scrapes and put some bandaids on it.  It was hard to get all the dirt out of it, but I tried.  Good thing I got a tetanus shot last year, right?  🙂  I went down to see Mike, and he asked what happened to my hand.  I told him I wiped out and he looked at me doubtfully.  “You fell down while you were running?  Did you run into a telephone pole?”  I showed him my scrapes and of course he insisted on cleaning them with soap and water.  Ouch.  And then hydrogen pyroxide.  Double ouch!  And then he put neosporin on them and bandaided them up.  It was a pretty long process, but I think they’re well on their way to recovery now.  🙂  So that was my big running adventure of the weekend.

It was a beautiful warm sunshiney day, so I walked to the grocery store and got groceries at both Whole Foods and the other grocery store we go to.

Then we just hung around the apartment until it was time to get ready to go see Yelle (the most amazing, cool French singer ever).  The concert started at 8pm and the venue was about a mile away in Capitol Hill so we decided we’d leave around 7:30pm.  At 7:15pm it started to rain… and it was a pretty steady rain, not the usual Seattle misty rain.  However, we headed out anyway (me with my purse inside of a plastic grocery bag so I wouldn’t get the leather wet).  When we arrived at the venue, we saw a sign that the doors opened at 8pm, but the opening act for Yelle didn’t start till 9:30pm and Yelle herself didn’t come on until 10:45pm.  Oh wow.  All of a sudden we had between an hour and a half and two hours to kill.  We headed across the street to a cool looking Mexican bar/restaurant.  It was packed!  The lighting was dim and very cool, and it seemed like a nice place.  We sat up at the bar and a had a few drinks, Mike got some chicken tacos, and I got some black beans.  We just completely relaxed and talked and the time flew by… before we knew it, it was almost time for Yelle to start!  Time flies when you’re having fun!  We ventured out in the rain again, and ran across the street.  We got there about ten minutes before Yelle started… our timing was perfect!  It was super crowded, but it was a small venue so we were able to see Yelle pretty well.  I tried taking some pictures, but it was difficult.



Yelle... warmed up and getting the crowd going!

Yelle... warmed up and getting the crowd going!

Yelle... really getting the crowd going!

Yelle... really getting the crowd going!

I had to take probably 30 pictures just to get these couple of non-blurry ones… so hopefully they convey how electric the atmosphere was and how much fun everyone was having!  Her music is a mix of pop and trance… and I just love it!  She has a great stage presence too.  About halfway through the show, she yelled out something in French and the whole crowd cheered.  “Are you sure?” she called out.  “Do you speak French?”  The crowd roared even louder.  It was a wonderfully fun evening, and it’s definitely motivating me to work on French more (and it’s motivating me to buy her new album… but that’s a different story).  🙂  It was STILL raining when we got out of the concert and we were pretty wet by the time we got back to our apartments but it was fine.  Despite last night being a late night, I woke up bright and early this morning at 7:20am.  I’m sure I’ll be taking a nap at some point during the day today!  🙂


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