Keeping bandaids dry…

Mike worked half a day again today at UW.  He couldn’t sleep last night because he’s still on a third shift type of schedule, but he made it through the day fine.  I started a slow cooker beef stew going this morning, so he had that when he got home.  I had to work a little late, so Mike actually got home before I did and he was able to have a nice, hot meal.  Especially given how tired he was, I was glad he didn’t have to scrounge around his apartment looking for something to eat.  He ate, and then said he his day was fine but he was exhausted and might go to bed early.  He said he’d call me if he wasn’t asleep.  I haven’t heard from him, so I assume that means he’s asleep.  🙂  I hope he gets a lot of good rest tonight!

I feel like this has been such a nice couple of days because I talked to Lia on the phone yesterday and Tamara on the phone today.  It was so nice to hear both of their voices… I just loved it!  While I’m on that note… thank you all who called or texted or sent cards for my birthday!  You are all so sweet, and I appreciated them all!  It’s nice knowing I’m not forgotten even though I’m not in Michigan anymore!  🙂

Work was busy today, but it was busy in a good way.  There’s so much to do every day that the days go by fast!

I feel so proud of myself because I have kept the two big bandaids on my hand dry all day today!  (See yesterday’s post for info on my running mishap if necessary!)  Picture having two bandaids on your palm and keeping them dry all day!  That, dear friends, is an art!  It requires washing your hands very carefully, washing dishes very carefully, only letting dogs lick you in certain areas on your hands, and not sweating… among other things.  AND I didn’t even have the nice Band-Aid brand bandaids… I have the store Kroger brand, which don’t seem to stick as well.  Usually I’m one of those people who go through about five bandaids a day per cut because they’re continuously getting wet and coming off, so I am definitely proud for keeping two store brand bandaids on my palm all day!  That was my big accomplishment for the day.  In other news…

Piper is in a playful mood, so I’m going to try to play stick-mouse with her for a little while before going to bed even though I’m tired and stick-mouse tends to be a lot more work for me than it is for Piper.  She likes sitting there and watching me flick the mouse around at the end of the string, but she only goes after it when she’s good and ready!

I heard from a guy at work today that the new movie Bridesmaids is hilarious.  When I’m hearing rave reviews on a chick flick from guys, it must be worth seeing.

I was hoping to work on French tonight, but I’m kind of tired.  Maybe tomorrow night!  Good night all!  🙂


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