The bathroom sink

The last couple of days have been really busy at work… and will probably stay pretty busy up through mid June.  It’s nice that Mike’s working because he’s been pretty tired when he gets home around quarter to 6pm and hasn’t felt much like doing anything.  Adjusting to a new job is always a little stressful and energy-draining.  Since my hours have been a little longer this week, it’s worked out well that Mike’s been occupied with his new job too.

It was gorgeous and sunshine-y yesterday, and it’s going to be gorgeous and sunshine-y through Saturday… our temps are even supposed to hit the low 70’s tomorrow and with our cooler-than-usual spring, this will be the first 70 degree we’ve gotten so far this year!

It’s hard to know how Mike’s new job is going, because he’s been tired and not very talkative when he gets home from work and I’ve been tired too.  (Notice I didn’t say I haven’t been talkative… I think it takes more than fatigue to stop me from talking.)  🙂

Very little has been going on this week besides work.  I am speedily reaching the conclusion that I need to clean my bathroom sink soon… it’s not presentable at all.  I was planning to do it this weekend, but with the concert and everything I didn’t get to it.  It’s becoming less of a nicety and more of a necessity.  The strange thing is that I have been pretty productive lately (so far today I’ve washed my dishes, moved a load of laundry to the dryer, made out a card for Mike’s cousin who’s getting married, and cleaned Piper’s litterbox… but somehow because the sink isn’t as urgent it doesn’t ever seem to get done.  Does anyone else have things like that?  Things that somehow are always last on your to-do list?  Are there other things you’re really good about?  I’m great about doing my dishes and not very good about vacuuming or cleaning my sinks.  If I have energy tonight, I’ll get my sink cleaned!

I’m just loving the nicer weather!  There’s a little cafe near my apartment that has homemade soups… different varieties every day.  They had a new black bean pumpkin soup that I got to-go tonight, and I got Mike a Jamaican jerk chicken sandwich.  Before you say that the black bean pumpkin soup sounds weird… it was AMAZING!  Really good.  Combining two good things like pumpkin and black beans almost has to result in something good.  🙂

I brushed Piper for awhile tonight, and she loved it.  That really is one of her favorite pastimes… besides sleeping.  🙂

I have the window open and the cool evening breeze is coming in.  Falling asleep tonight will be really easy.  I’m already kind of tired, but the sound of that breeze and the faint sound of traffic on I-5 are very soothing and lullaby-ish.

Tomorrow’s Friday!  🙂


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