Piper’s breakfast

It’s been a fun and relaxing, but busy weekend!

Friday night I went out to a little Italian restaurant for a late night dinner with some girls from work.  I walked to the restaurant which was down by Pike’s Place Market.  It was such a gorgeous warm sunny evening!  It was nice just relaxing and enjoying the weather and enjoying all of the people out walking around.  The restaurant was  small and had a very intimate, cool feel to it, so it was the perfect place for relaxing after work!  We chatted and lingered over dinner, so I ended up being out later than I thought I would be.

I was afraid my long run Saturday morning would suffer because I was out a little later than planned Friday night, but I finished it!  I ran 21 miles… five more miles and I’m at marathon distance!  The other cool thing is that I now have 1 twenty mile run, 2 twelve mile runs, and 1 eight mile run left before the actual marathon!  The 8 and 12 mile runs seem pretty short compared to what I’m used to now, so basically I’ve just got one more really long 20 mile run left before the marathon… I’m getting there!  🙂  I’m getting very excited!

It was drizzling during my long run, but that actually kept me cool and hydrated, so I didn’t mind that at all after the first few minutes.  As is usual for my really long runs, I ran up to Green Lake and then circled that until I had my miles in.  I was still kind of tired from being up late, but that’s one more 20 mile run crossed off my training log!  🙂

When I got home, I discovered the bag of dry cat food that usually sits in the kitchen next to the wall was in the middle of the kitchen floor, and the bag was open.  I hadn’t fed Piper before I left because she was still asleep and I figured she’d probably sleep till I got back.  However, apparently she got hungry and decided to get herself some breakfast!  I was kind of proud of her resourcefulness… I didn’t even know she knew the bag of dry cat food was there because she’s never paid much attention to it.  She definitely has survivalist instincts!  🙂  Plus, she didn’t get dry cat food all over the floor… she just stuck her head inside the bag, ate some, and then left the rest, so she didn’t even leave me with a mess to clean up.  Piper is apparently a cat who feeds herself and cleans up after herself… what a great pet!  🙂

Last night Mike and I watched The Bounty Hunter with Jennifer Aniston.  It was amusing, but really Mike and I don’t do as well with the really light, fluffy movies.  We stopped the movie several times to discuss what the main characters should do versus what they were doing.  (i.e.  “You know… she could have just run away while they were in the casino.  The casino security guards definitely would have stopped him from going after her long enough for her to get away.” and “Why is she clipping along in high heels in a warehouse?  She’s trying to hide from a killer and those heels would make a lot of noise on the cement floor.”)  *Sigh*  I think we really need the new season of Mad Men to start up so that we have something to analyze again… analyzing romantic comedies is not very satisfying!  🙂


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