The absence of perfection

I spent most of the beginning part of Sunday cleaning parts of my kitchen.  I say ‘parts’ because it didn’t all get cleaned.  But at least it looks a lot better!  🙂  I also went to Whole Foods and ran 4 miles on the treadmill.  I really should have run outside because it’s really nice outside, but my skin seemed just a little pink from yesterday’s long run even though I wore sunscreen so I felt like my skin would be happier if I ran inside away from the sun.

Later in the day Mike and I walked up to Capitol Hill because it was such a nice day.  I felt like the trip was a great success… we looked in a lot of stores and didn’t really spend any money.  Mike, however, thought it was depressing that we spent a lot of time walking around and we had nothing to show for it.  The differences between men and women’s approaches to shopping!  It’s crazy!

I had a somewhat interesting incident with my contact lenses yesterday.  I had taken out one of my contact lenses and was taking out the other, and it slipped out of my fingers and fell into the same contact lens dish as the other lens.  I tried to grab it quickly, but it was too late… both my contact lenses were in the same container, and I wasn’t sure which was which anymore.  I tried picking one up and squinting at it to see if there was tiny writing on it since I seemed to remember hearing that the lenses were labeled.  Who was I kidding?  Without my contacts I was definitely incapable of reading tiny white lettering that might or might not even be present on the lens.  Well, I’d have to test them out.  So I popped a lens into my right eye.  Was it the right one?  My left eye was still seeing all blurry, so I couldn’t really tell.  So I popped in my left contact and cautiously looked around at the world.  Did it look right?  It seemed right.  But if it wasn’t, would I be able to tell?  How different were my prescriptions between the two eyes anyway?  Was I going to get a headache later in the day because my contacts were in the wrong eyes?  I realized something interesting at that point… I was actually hoping that the contacts seemed messed up when I put them in so that I would automatically know that I had them in the wrong way.  But because I couldn’t notice a specific problem, I wasn’t sure whether they were correct or not.  It made me think that in general, it’s oftentimes easier to notice imperfections rather than the absence of perfection.  I’ll let you chew on that for awhile and see whether or not you agree with me.  🙂

On to other news… I feel like my big accomplishments of the weekend were my long run and getting both Mike’s and my sheets washed.  Long runs rock because of all the exercise-induced endorphins that get released while you run, and clean sheets rock because they just rock.  It’s such an amazing feeling to lie down on sweet, fresh-smelling sheets… it revolutionizes the whole sleeping experience.  🙂

I also went to Whole Foods early this morning and got ingredients to put a slow cooker meal together.  It was one I’ve made before…. a chicken meal with lots of veggies… potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, and corn.  All good stuff!  Especially since I usually have to work late on Mondays, Monday seems like a good day to get a slow cooker meal started.  I did that last Monday and today and it seems to work out well.  🙂  Hopefully the slow cooker meal turned out well… I haven’t talked to Mike yet to know whether or not it was good, but the slow cooker was gone when I got home so I assume Mike came by and took it down to his apartment.


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