Freezing Knees…

It has definitely been a couple of busy days at work.  I had a headache yesterday, which typically doesn’t happen.  Mike and I were planning on going to dinner at our favorite Irish bar, but I got out of work late and had a headache so we skipped going out to dinner and feasted on leftovers instead (slow cooker chicken with vegetables for Mike and lentil soup for me).  Afterwards we watched an episode of the Sopranos, which is an HBO show about the mafia that Mike’s been watching.  It was pretty interesting, but we just picked up where Mike left off which was somewhere in the middle of the season so it took me a little while to figure out what was going on and who the characters were.

Tonight is going to be our Paddy Coyne’s night instead  so that will be something fun to look forward to!  The only downside is that it’s raining outside now, and yesterday was bright and sunny.  The nice thing is that since Paddy Coynes is only a block away from our apartment building, even if it is still raining we won’t have to walk far!  It’s a little sad to see the sunshine leave, though, since it’s been an absolutely beautiful week before today!

I also want to throw out a congratulations to my brother Tom (even though I don’t think he even reads this blog on any kind of regular basis)… he finished his MBA in accounting a couple weeks ago and dove right into studying for the CPA exam!  He just took the first of four CPA tests yesterday and plans to have all four done by fall.  Hopefully he’s enjoying his brief bit of spare time before he starts studying for the next test!

I heard from a friend living in Alabama this morning… he and his family are ok with all of the tornados down there, but they were without power for two weeks because the tornado touched down about nine miles from their house and took out a bunch of power lines.  Wow!  I’m really glad they’re ok!

I am trying to steer clear of any and all refined sugar these days to see if I feel a lot better off of sugar.  I haven’t historically eaten a lot of desserts or anything, but I have eaten granola bars and other related things reguarly and those have surprising amounts of sugar in them.  So far it seems to be going ok, but it makes lunch a lot harder since typically I would bring in a bunch of prepared snacks, keep them at my desk, and snack on those over lunch.  Unfortunately most pre-packaged foods have sugar in them (goodbye Carman’s granola bars… I will miss you!).  I’m also trying to pinpoint whether or not I have food allergies/sensitivities since I’ve had problems with various foods as far back as I can remember.  The good news is that I suspect my problem may be sugar rather than milk, which was my previous theory.  If that turns out to be true I’ll be able to go back to having dairy… yeah for the extra calcium for my bones!

I spent about half an hour on the elliptical today… it helps to have some days free from running but still get at least a little cardio workout.

We’re trying out a “Well-dressed Wednesday” at work, so we’re dressing up a little on Wednesdays.  I wore a pencil skirt, and now I’m regreting it because my knees are freezing.  (Isn’t that weird… who ever heard of cold knees?)  The rest of me appears to be ok, but those knees are a problem!  I’m tapping my feet endlessly in an effort to warm up my legs with the interesting side effect of appearing very intense and fidgety.  Note to self: Don’t wear skirts to work.  OR wear them but wear warm tights.  OR just wear a long tunic shirt with stretch pants.  So many options.  🙂


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