Happy birthday wishes to Mike’s Dad… one day late!

I was hoping to post yesterday so I could wish Mike’s dad a happy birthday… however I had to work late and didn’t get home until after 8pm.  By that point I was tired and ready to eat dinner and head to bed.  So happy birthday to Mike’s dad!  🙂  Both Mike and his dad are fountains of knowledge to everyone around them, so hopefully both of them will continue to dispense their knowledge throughout the coming year!  🙂

Today it is sunshine-y in Seattle!  I walked up to the grocery store on Capitol Hill this morning, and the view of the snow-covered mountains with the sunlight glinting off them was just gorgeous!  I don’t know if Mike and I will be doing anything tonight or not… there are a couple festivals going on in Seattle this weekend for Memorial Day so we might make it to one of those if the weather stays this nice.

Mike picked up a shift at UW this Sunday, so he’ll actually be working a full day.  Mike has said I can come visit him towards the end of the day and he’ll give me a tour.  Sounds like fun!  Plus Trader Joe’s is on the way home from UW…. and they have such an amazing canned lentil vegetable soup that’s also really cheap.  We’ll see though… something tells me Mike won’t be very keen on stopping… he says I make every trip into a grocery trip (which isn’t entirely untrue).  I keep walking to work by way of the little cafe where I got the pumpkin black bean soup last week that was so good.  They have a list of their “soups of the day” outside their cafe and I keep hoping the pumpkin black bean will show up again.  So far, alas, no dice.  I think there might be something wrong with me given that I deliberately plan my route to work around that cafe hoping for soup.  If only it wasn’t such good soup!  🙂

THIS is the weekend when I am finally going to get Lia’s Christmas/birthday box ready to send to her!  If you’re thinking it’s a long way from Christmas, you’re right.  If you know Lia and know that her birthday is in April and are thinking it’s a long way from April… you’re right.  🙂  Somehow we can’t seem to send out each other’s gift boxes on time and we never have.  We understand each other though, so it’s all good.  Besides everyone gets gift boxes around Christmas and their birthday… who randomly gets a gift box in late May?  It all works out.  🙂

I have been so good at avoiding coffee this week.  I have been drinking a lot of Jasmine green tea and earl grey tea though.  I have generally been working late (although I’m not going to today!) so I haven’t seen enough of Mike to know if he’s been good about staying away from coffee or not but he hasn’t been having headaches so that’s a good sign.

All right… time to go back to work… but the day’s half over and it is seriously warm and gorgeous outside!  Fridays are always good days!  🙂


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