An Owl Collection

I ran 13 miles today for my long run… it’s so exciting getting within a month of the race!  My last really long run is next weekend (20 miles).  Then the next weekend is 12… then 8… and then race day!  🙂  I’m excited!  And most especially I’m excited to get to sleep in on Saturdays for awhile after the race!  🙂

Today was just a beautiful day!  Warm and sunny!  After my run and after changing Piper’s litter and cleaning my bathroom Mike and I headed downtown to enjoy the weather.  It was really packed downtown!  We went to City Kitchens looking for some kind of infuser that I can put lemons in and add to my water pitcher to make lemon water.

City Kitchens

City Kitchens

I know such a thing exists because I’ve seen them before, but it doesn’t seem easy to find.  I think at this point I’m just going to need to go online and find it.

There were plenty of other things to look at in City Kitchens.  I was kind of obsessed with this owl display… the problem is I really don’t need owl salt and pepper shakers, owl tea sets, or owl anything else.  They were very adorable though.  🙂

The Owl Display

The Owl Display

All was not lost though!  I found a really cool jewelry store that sells sterling silver jewelry!  I found a pair of earrings there, and I’ll see if I can post a picture of myself tomorrow wearing the earrings I got!  I loved the store and Mike tried to hang on as long as he could but he ended up waiting outside the store because he was dying of boredom.

Afterwards we went to Macys… all seven floors of it!  It’s still a little strange going to department stores that are so many stories high rather than being all sprawled out into one or two stories the way the department stores in Grand Rapids are.  After that we stopped at the mall, but I was running out of motivation to buy more things.

I was not, however, too out of motivation to make sure we stopped by Mediterranean Avenue so I could get tabbouleh salad to take home and eat.  🙂  It’s a little sad how I feel like no downtown trip is complete without that tabbouleh salad.  🙂

Mike picked up a shift at UW tomorrow, so he’ll be at work most of the day.  I think I’m going to use the time to catch up on chores and maybe actually get all of the clean clothes off of my couch and into my dresser (the ones that will fit anyway!).  I’ll probably brush Piper out too… she loves that so much!


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