Concerned about cottage cheese…

This day has really flown by.  Mike had to be to work this morning by 7:30am, so he asked me to make sure he woke up.  I was fine with that since I typically get up early, but for some reason last night I wasn’t tired and could NOT motivate myself to go to bed.  I ended up going to bed after midnight, and the next thing I knew I awoke with a start to my alarm going off at 6am.  I called Mike to make sure he was awake and then headed downstairs to Espresso Vivace to get him a coffee.  In general he’s been great about not having coffee, but this morning it seemed pretty required.  🙂  It was such a beautiful morning!  It was overcast but pretty warm and there was a gusty wind blowing little leaves around the sidewalks.  I dropped Mike’s coffee off at his apartment and started to tidy up his apartment while he was in the shower (for some reason I was definitely in a cleaning mood… admittedly a little bizarre for 6:30am!).  I got his sheets into the washer and started going through piles of junk mail circulars.  Mike blearily sat down in front of his computer to drink his coffee.  I continued to bustle around tidying things up.  Then I noticed that Mike’s mattress looked saggy up towards the head of the bed, and I remembered we’d never flipped his mattress.  I started to flip it, and Mike freaked out thinking I was going to topple the mattress over onto his monitor speakers.  “Why is it 6:30 in the morning and you have to be moving furniture???” he demanded irritably.  The guy had a legitimate point.  My only defense is that if you see me late at night, you’ll know I’m not a night owl at all, and it wouldn’t be fair if I was tired in the morning and at night too… I have to be awake sometimes, and morning seems to be the time!

I saw Mike off to work with the promise that I’d come visit him later in the day so he could show me around where he works, and then I ate breakfast and headed off to Whole Foods for some grocery shopping.

There’s a very interesting phenomenon that I never noticed in the midwest but is very prominent in Seattle: the grocery bag judgement phenomenon.  There are three levels of the grocery bag judgement phenomenon, and they depend on your response to the innocent question, “Paper or plastic?”.

If you say “plastic”, some cashiers will glare at you with a look as if to say, “Do you have even the slightest idea how much energy was used to create those plastic bags?  AND did you further know they are NOT recyclable you self-absorbed earth-hater?”.  (I can’t help it… I love plastic bags.  I take my work to lunch in plastic bags… and reuse them!  I also use them to clean out Piper’s litter box…. but I don’t reuse those.)

If you say “paper”, these cashiers will give you a barely perceptible approval nod which signifies that you have at least some awareness of the problems the earth is facing (although that approval goes away pretty quickly if you ask for your groceries to be double-bagged… which I always do.  Hey… I’m walking home, people!  By not driving home, I save the earth from the toxic emissions produced by a car, and I think that gives me the right to carry double-bagged groceries so that I can be sure the milk won’t fall out the bottom of one of the bags and leave me stranded in a heap of groceries on my way home.  Besides, I put all my paper bags in the recycling bin at my apartment complex… and I would put more stuff in the recycling bin if I actually had a good idea of what could be recycled.).

If you say, “Neither… I brought my own fully reusable grocery bags and wouldn’t be caught dead with a bag created from non-recycled materials”, then they embrace you and offer you a free container of organic goats milk yogurt.  I might be exaggerating, but only slightly.  🙂

In all seriousness, your typical Seattlite is definitely concerned about the environment.  I believe in taking care of the earth as much as possible and not being needlessly destructive.  At the same time, I use every single plastic bag that I get from grocery stores and reuse many of them so I don’t feel like I’m thoughtlessly throwing them away.  Now that I have a cool reusable bag that has an abstract picture of the Seattle skyline on it very reminiscent of Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting, I’ll be carrying my reusable bags more often.  🙂

Wow… was that ever a long rabbit trail!

I spent the rest of the morning busily tidying up my apartment interspersed with enough breaks so that I didn’t get burnt out.  Around noon I caught the bus north to the University District to meet up with Mike and be shown around the TV station.  There was no one there today besides Mike since it’s Memorial Day weekend, so he gave me a full tour of the master control room and showed me the monitors where they show all of the TV programs that are being shown as well as all of their other equipment.  It was pretty interesting.  I asked a lot of questions, and Mike seemed to know the answers, so he must be learning something.  🙂

On the way home, I decided to stop by Trader Joe’s, which was about six blocks from Mike’s building.  I remembered that there was a bus stop outside of Trader Joe’s and I thought that the 70 route ran by there, so I figured I’d just hop on that to get home.  Blissfully uninhibited by having to carry groceries too far, I got whatever my heart desired.  Trader Joe’s is SO inexpensive and good… I just love it!  Then I parked myself by the bus stop and noticed that the bus stop didn’t list route 70… it only listed route 66.  Route 66 actually goes closer to my apartment than route 70, but it only comes about once a half hour, and route 70 comes once every 15 minutes.  I waited patiently at the bus stop for awhile with an older man who had a grey mustache and a brown broad-brimmed hat.  Then I started to get impatient.  There’s an application on my iPhone that will tell me how many minutes away the bus I’m looking for is (I know… is that ever cool or what?), so I pulled out my phone and saw that the bus wasn’t due to come for another 20 minutes.  No way I was waiting around for that!  I had almond milk and cottage cheese in my (reusable!) grocery bags.  I decided to walk about 8 blocks south to get to the closest route 70 bus and then hop that bus home.  I walked briskly along trying not to think about the heavy groceries I was carrying.  I was pretty good about keeping my thoughts off of the groceries… my thought patterns were going something like this.

It’s a beautiful day… I love the overcast skies and all the wind.  Do I really have to walk 8 blocks carrying these groceries???  If I’d known that I probably wouldn’t have gotten the milk.  Or the soup cans.  Yeah, definitely would have skipped the soup cans.  Oh… hey… this building is called “The audio producers learning center”!  I need to make sure to let Mike know about that place… maybe it’s the kind of audio he’s interested in.  I wonder how long cottage cheese can go without being refrigerated… maybe it’s cool enough out that the cottage cheese will be fine.  Is it as cold as a refrigerator out here?  No way… I’m only wearing a hoodie and I’m fine.  It’s probably 60 and what’s a refrigerator at anyway?  40?  Where’s Mike when you need him?  He’d know.  I guess as long as I’m carrying groceries it’s nice that I’m going downhill instead of up.  Did I really gain anything by going to this Trader Joe’s instead of the one in Seattle given that I’m having to do all of this walking anyway?

Then I reached the bus stop, checked my phone application, and saw that the bus was due to arrive in 5 minutes.  Perfect!  🙂  I settled down with my bags to wait patiently for the bus.  Eight minutes later, the bus had still not arrived.  It was now listed on my iPhone as being “5 minutes behind schedule and it’s scheduled arrival time was -2.  I think that means it was supposed to arrive two minutes ago.  This was getting ridiculous.  Were there any other buses that would get me home?  I glanced up the street and saw another bus stop, so I took a chance and lugged my bags over to that one.  It was a stop for bus 66.  Really?  That was the same one I’d decided not to wait for way back at Trader Joe’s.  I fished out my iPhone again.  It said that bus 66 was three minutes away from my stop.  Three minutes sounded good… and bus 70 didn’t seem to be anywhere in sight so I stuck by the route 66 bus stop.  A few minutes later as bus 70 rumbled past me, I had second thoughts, but a few minutes later bus 66 showed up.  I climbed on board very gratefully and we started to rumble across the University Bridge.

It is SUCH a beautiful night!  I love that there are so many people out and about…. I wonder if my cottage cheese is still all right?

Then I realized that the bus had stopped… University Bridge is a drawbridge, and it was sloooooooowly going up to allow a sailboat to pass underneath it.  I was really getting worried about my cottage cheese.  Couldn’t that sailboat go any faster?  Don’t they make motors you can put on those things?  As I glanced up at the front of the bus, I saw the older guy with the brown hat from the Trader Joe’s bus stop sitting in the front row.  So I had essentially walked 8 blocks south to catch the bus that I was too impatient to catch at Trader Joe’s.  *Sigh*  Live and learn.   The drawbridge slowly started to lower back down again.

Hurry bridge!  This is cottage cheese we’re dealing with!

Ten minutes later I was getting off the bus near my apartment.  I immediately threw all refrigerated things into the fridge.  It’s a good thing I didn’t get any meat.  Sometimes it’s a definite advantage being a vegetarian.

Mike came home about 4:30pm very exhausted and ate and now he’s resting and watching a few shows.  I think I’m going to head across the street to REI.  They’re having a special anniversary/Memorial Day sale, and I really need some more runner’s Gu… enough to get me through the rest of my training and through the race itself!  🙂

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful Memorial Day!


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