The elusive water infuser…

It was a great weekend!  I feel like I got a lot of housecleaning done.  (My apartment definitely still needs work, but I still got a lot done.)  Piper was stressed out most of the weekend because she hates it when I move things around and clean; she doesn’t know what to think about it or what to expect.  To compound her stress, I got rid of a lot of grocery bags sitting near the door and old boxes that weren’t getting used.  She loves clutter because it makes her feel like she’s a jungle cat navigating through the rainforest (I might be speculating a bit here), so the disappearance of the clutter was disturbing to her.

Then yesterday I somehow got motivated to cook dinner, so I made up two meals, one for me and one for Mike.  On Mike’s menu: meatloaf with a baked potato and thyme-roasted asparagus.  On my menu: a tuna and mustard pita sandwich with a sweet potato.  Getting all of these things done at the same time definitely required some finesse.  And two ovens.  Sometimes it’s really convenient that we have two separate apartments.  🙂  I loved my meal, and Mike seemed to like his although he didn’t get very excited about it.  He did, however, get excited about a Memorial Day sale for solid state hard drives.  Maybe he used all his excitement up on the solid state hard drives and didn’t have any left for dinner.  🙂

Being able to sleep in on Monday morning was seriously awesome!  I rolled out of bed at 7am and got to wander around in my pajamas for awhile before I actually had to get up and do anything.  Eventually I headed to the grocery store to get ingredients to make dinner, and I also found two water-infusers that I had been searching everywhere for.  If you don’t know what water-infusers are, you’re not alone.  Apparently no one else knows what they are either and that’s why they’re so hard to find.  I did eventually find them, though, and they were even on sale for $2.50, down from $5.99!  Because they were on sale and because they’re apparently so hard to find, I bought two even though I don’t think I really need two water infusers.  For the more curious people among you, a water infuser is essentially a plastic ball with holes in it that you can stick fruit slices in and then add to a pitcher of water so that you can get naturally flavored water.

Tonight I have a haircut appointment up in Capitol Hill, and it’s raining now so I hope it stops before I leave work.


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