A haircut and a celebration!

It has been a busy couple of days!

First thing… Mike has been offered a full-time engineering job, and he’s taking it!  It’s pretty exciting.  We still have some logistical issues to work out (for instance the job is 25 miles away and we don’t have a car), but we can work through all that.  That was enough cause for us to celebrate last night, so we went to Paddy Coyne’s.  There’s a list of Paddy Coyne’s special beers and drinks, and if you drink all of them you get a member card and 10% off of all future visits.  That seemed like a pretty good deal, so Mike’s starting to do that and I’m cheering him on.  (I tried doing it too, but I took one sip of the Guinness and knew it was NOT going to happen.  The whiskey’s fine for me… but the beer just isn’t.)  🙂  Go Mike…. go for the Guinness!  🙂  The owner was there again tonight with his big old collie mix dog named Colonel.  The weather was just perfect!  Warm and sunny and just a little windy.  Colonel lay outside, and Mike and my table happened to be right next to the window so we could look out and see Colonel on the other side of the glass lying on the sidewalk with the wind ruffling his fur.

Colonel outside of Paddy Coyne's

Colonel outside of Paddy Coyne's

He looked pretty contented.  After awhile Paddy went out and had Colonel do a few tricks and gave him some treats.  Colonel really liked that.  🙂

Before going to Paddy Coyne’s, I rushed up to Capitol Hill after work to mail Lia’s (frightfully late!) birthday box and to get my hair cut.  I always have such a good time getting my hair cut because my hair stylist and I get along really well.  We chattered pretty much nonstop for the hour-long appointment.  I probably did about 2/3 of the talking though… I really love talking to people… what can I say?  🙂  Before going to Paddy Coyne’s Mike took some pictures of me with my new haircut, so expect to see those on my blog sometime soon.

Last night they were power-washing the sidewalks and driveways by our apartment building and it was pretty loud.  Piper was NOT a fan.  I came home to find her crouched on a corner of the couch as far away from the window as she could get.  Poor Piper… everything’s hard on her!  🙂


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