A new blog header

So Wednesday was Mike’s last (official) at UWTV.  He quit, and he’s now looking forward to starting at Fluke (he doesn’t have an official start date… he needs to get his drug test and background check done first).  That means that he has the rest of this week off for sure, and probably part of next week which is nice for him.  At the same time, though, it’s letting him get into a weird sleeping schedule again… I don’t think he slept much Wednesday night.  He came up to see me really early in the morning on Thursday.  Piper was so surprised and scared to see someone coming into the apartment so early that she got scared and promptly peed on the couch.  *Sigh*  Piper, Piper.  We need to work on your reactions… we have to find something constructive for you to do when you’re scared other than pee.  Fortunately the new couch cover I got seems to be surprisingly waterproof, so I just threw it into the washer before work.

Mike was up most of Wednesday night working on a new header picture for my blog (so expect to see that sometime soon!)  Mike asked me last night about all the specifications I wanted for my new blog header, what I wanted it to look like, what kinds of fonts I liked, etc.  This morning at 8am he emailed me what he calls “The first draft” of the blog header.  I Love It!  🙂  It’s so cool… it’s exactly what I wanted!  I told Mike this, but he stressed to me that it’s not in its final form, and that’s why he’s still calling it a first draft.  He then pointed out all the things that he wants to change with it.  Whatever, dude!  I’m lovin’ it the way it is!  I apparently don’t notice all the little imperfections he sees, but if he wants to fix them, more power to him!

Anyway, I think he went to bed shortly afterwards, so I didn’t see any more iterations of the blog header on Thursday.  I want to put it up immediately for you all to see, but Mike would NOT like that, so I’ll wait (im)patiently.  🙂

Yesterday was pretty rainy, but the weather’s looking beautiful now and this weekend the temps are supposed to be in the mid-70’s… and it’s supposed to be sunny!  Mike and I are planning a (tentative) zoo trip, and a trip to the University Village, which is a super fun mall area in the University District.  I also have my LAST 20 mile run this weekend!  🙂  After that both of my “long” runs are much shorter (12 miles and then 8 miles).

We’ll probably also have to go clothes shopping for Mike this weekend to get him all ready to start his new job.  And we have to figure out a viable transportation option for getting him to his new job.  Fun stuff!  🙂

The sunshine today is just beautiful and it’s nice and warm!  Maybe Mike and I will go somewhere tonight, but I suspect we’ll lay low since we’re planning on going out tomorrow.  I had meetings most of the day at work yesterday, and today’s reasonably meeting-free, so I’m going to get some heads-down work done and listen to trance music on my headphones while I work… and I’ll enjoy the sunshine coming in through the office window!  🙂  Hope everyone else is having a wonderful Friday!


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