Red earrings and a sunny day!

What a beautiful day! :). And I went for my LAST really long run this morning… 21.2 miles done!  That’s only 5 miles short of the full distance I have to run!  Next week’s long run is 12 miles… then 8… and then race day!  (I know that I’ve already mentioned this in several blog posts, but I love reminding myself that I’m in the countdown stage now.)  🙂  This week has been my longest mileage week (although still not super high as far as marathons go… only about 40 miles.  That was the distance my physical therapist back in September recommended for my high mileage weeks.)

Now Mike and I are headed out to catch a GREAT Nordstrom’s sale!  A friend of mine at work got a $350 dress for only $40, so this sounds like a great sale.  We’ll also be hitting up Sephora so I can get some fun new toenail polish.  I’ve been rocking the hot pink for about a month now, and I’m ready for a change.  And, of course, as detail-oriented Mike keeps pointing out, my  toenail polish is starting to wear off and not look new anymore.  I told him with the distances I’m running he’s lucky I still have toenails at all.  😉

We’re also going to stop at Barnes and Noble because there’s a Bill Bryson book that Mike wants to get that details the history of many modern things.

Anyway, since it’s 75 degrees and sunny, today’s a perfect day for going downtown!  Last night was gorgeous, too, and Mike and I took a bus up to the University Village shopping mall area.  We looked in quite a few stores but didn’t actually buy very much.  We did, however, buy passport photos at a camera store.  Mike pointed out that my photo looks like a prison photo.  It’s really only partially my fault.  The guy taking my picture said I had to have a “neutral” face when he caught me smiling.  What?  Really?  Do I look like a totally different person when I smile or something?  Anyway, apparently smiles are not allowed on passport photos… no happiness allowed!  🙂

After the camera store we wandered around the outside mall and looked in a bunch of other stores.  We found a sterling silver jewelry store, and I got a beautiful pair of red earrings (courtesy of my mom and dad since they gave me money for my birthday and made me promise to spend it).  Thanks Mom and Dad!  They’re beautiful and I’ll get a picture put up on the blog of me wearing the new earrings as soon as I’ve gotten over my bad passport photo and am ready to pose for the camera again.  🙂

Mike is working on his third Trance track, and honestly I LOVE his music!  🙂  I know I’m supposed to say that because I’m his girlfriend, but I really do love it!  He’s getting so fast at writing songs, too… I’m excited to hear all of his future music!

All right… we’re out to enjoy our gorgeous sunshine now… I hope everyone is having a good Saturday!  🙂


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