The story of the blog header… part 1

Yesterday was kind of a long day… I got into work early and didn’t leave till about 6pm because of a release we were trying to get validated.  Despite it being a long day at work, it was a good day and I feel like I got a lot done.

However, there were definitely bright spots to my day.

Here’s one of them:

Piper in a grocery bag

Piper in a grocery bag

You don’t realize how materialistic you are until you’ve watched a cat have hours of enjoyment from a single, paper grocery bag.  It’s crazy how much fun she has going in there, batting the sides of the bag, and then finally just crouching down in the bag and staring out at the world.

Despite the fact that she woke me up at midnight two nights ago mewing, I still just love her.  She sat in my lap last night switching her tail back and forth.  I still don’t know why she was awake at midnight and mewing.  I got her to stop by giving her kitty treats.  Isn’t that shameless of me?  I’m usually very good about not giving her too many kitty treats and not letting her con me into giving her kitty treats.  But honestly… it was late… I was tired and cranky from getting woken out of a sound sleep.  If kitty treats would keep her quiet, she was definitely getting kitty treats.  🙂

A second bright spot is the blog header that Mike made for me!  It’s almost ready for primetime!  Yea!   The process of making the blog header was actually pretty intensive, because Mike’s that kind of guy.  Mike told me he was looking for a project to do using Adobe Photoshop and asked if I had any ideas.  I told him I had actually been thinking about a new blog header and he opened up my to analyze it.  Then he asked me if we could change the font of “rainydayrunner”.  I said that was fine… and he pulled up two different font websites and had me page through literally hundreds and hundreds of fonts and take screenshots of the ones I liked best.  (I tried to get out of this by saying that my eyes hurt from staring at a computer all day at work, but that didn’t work.  It did mean I only had to look at a total of about 1500 fonts instead of about 10,000 fonts though.)  Then he asked me what blogs I liked reading and what their headers looked like, so I spent about half an hour showing him different health and running blogs I read and what I like about their headers.  Then I said it would probably be good if it had a picture of me running in the header, since the blog title is rainy day “runner” and I also said I’d love it if the header could contain a rain cloud, again based on the blog’s name.  Mike churned away at that for a couple days and came back with what he called a “first draft” and I called “Can I post it now?  It’s awesome!”.  Mike insisted it was a first draft, and then last night he said he needed a picture of me running to go on the blog.  He told me to come to his apartment wearing running clothes and we’d go out for a photo shoot.  I got into my new blue running shirt and went down to his apartment.  He looked me over critically when he saw me.  Our conversation went something like this.

“Do you have a red running shirt?”

“Red?  No.  I have a red tank top that I could run in.”

“But it’s not a real running shirt?”

“Not really.  But I run in it.”

“But it’s just a tank top?”


“Then that won’t work.”

“Ok.  Sorry.”

“Red is an important color in photography.”

“Really?  Well, I can wear the red tank top.”

“But it’s not a running shirt?”


“Then that won’t work.  Do you have a red headband?”


“What color headbands do you have?”

“I have a dark brown one.”

“That’s no good.”

“And a black one.”


“And a light pink one.”


“Yes, but it doesn’t stay on my head.”

“Sure it does.  Can you put on that one?”

At this point I put the headband on, protesting that it was just going to slip off.

“No it won’t.  It’s fine.  Let’s go outside.”

“Ok, but it’s slipping off.”

We went outside and found a church a block north of our house that had red flowers blooming in front of it.  It was also right next door to a tiny specialty grocery store and a German pub.  Mike positioned himself at the street corner with his lens trained on the sidewalk in front of the church by the flowers.

“Ok, run towards me.”

I ran towards him.  And then he had me circle back and run back towards him again.  And again.  And again.  By this time I was starting to feel self-conscious.  There were some people sitting out in front of the German pub, and people periodically went into and came out of the little grocery store.  I felt like everyone was watching me.

“Keep circling back around,” Mike instructed.

“I can’t… everyone’s watching me.”

“They’re not watching you.  And if they are, they can see I have a camera.  They’ll probably want to visit your blog when they find out that they got to see the header picture get photographed.”

“They can’t visit my blog unless they promise to comment.”

“Will you just keep circling back around?”

Fifty circles later (more or less), Mike conceded that we were done and we headed back to his apartment to download the pictures.  Fortunately, there was one I really liked.  Mike examined it.

“The bottom of your foot is cut off.”

“I don’t care… no one is coming to the blog to see my foot.”

“It’s not the ultimate photograph if your foot is cut off.”

“It’s fine.”

“We need to go out and take it again.”

“I don’t want to go out again!  All those people are going to stare at me!  Besides, I like this picture.”

“Your foot’s cut off in this picture.”

“Who cares about my foot?”

“Just give me a shot at getting the ultimate picture.”

“How many shots?  One?  Two?  Another 50?”

“Five minutes.”

I sighed.  We were soon heading back towards the street corner.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story (and hopefully the new blog header!) tonight!  🙂



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2 responses to “The story of the blog header… part 1

  1. the conversations you retype with mike are my favorite; when i read them i hear the disdain in his voice (about the red shirt, or the missing foot) like he’s right in front of me. always makes me laugh!

    • Yes… those are the conversations I like to write the best too. He’s SUCH a perfectionist! 😉 Hope everything is going well with you and Matt! I’m SO excited for your baby to come! 🙂

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