The story of the blog header… part 2

It’s been a crazy busy week at work… so much so that I took Friday off so that Mike and I could run some errands.  Since I didn’t have to work today, Mike and I went to Paddy Coyne’s Irish pub last night and relaxed.  It was really fun… somehow that Irish music and Irish atmosphere just feels very restorative.  🙂  The owner Paddy was there with his dog, and his dog was tied up outside.  Periodically Paddy went outside to smoke and to give a few dog treats to his dog.  I just love that dog!  I think all women do, because Mike and I were sitting by the window and everytime a woman went by, she stopped to pet the dog.  That dog has a pretty good life.  🙂

Mike and I got all of the errands done that we needed to this morning, which is really nice because it means I have the rest of the day as a true vacation day and not just a “get things done” day.  Mike went to bed since he’s still on his third shift schedule, so Piper and I are hanging out together.  Actually I’m hanging out and Piper’s eating food.

So… more on the blog header story.  🙂

After Mike decided that the running picture he took of me was not the ultimate picture, he insisted we go back outside to get another photo, even though I was starting to feel pretty self conscious running back and forth and back and forth along the same stretch of sidewalk in plain view of people at the German pub and people going to the specialty grocery store.  As we got close to the sidewalk corner that looked very familiar after having run up it about 50 times in the preceding hour, I stopped walking.

“We have to wait till that guy and his dog leave the street corner,” I said.  ” I am NOT running repeatedly in front of a guy and his dog.”

“That’s fine,” Mike said.  “He’ll just be a minute.”

“Well, don’t cross the street until he’s gone.  I don’t want him to feel like we’re standing next to him stalking him.  What’s he doing over there anyway?  He and his dog have been there for awhile.”

We both squinted across the street and realized that his dog was a puppy, and he was trying to potty train it and force it to pee on the telephone pole standing there.  Mike and I waited patiently, trying not to stare too much at him.  Two minutes ticked by.  Two minutes doesn’t sound like a long time, but it really is when you’re waiting for a man and his puppy to leave a street corner so that you can resume running back and forth in a pretty idiotic-looking way.

“Mike… we should just go.  We already have the ultimate picture.  And that guy and his dog aren’t going anywhere until that dog pees, and the dog doesn’t want to pee.”

“We should just wait another minute.”

“We already did.  We’ve waited five minutes.  I think this is a sign.”

“It’s not a sign.”

“It’s a sign that we already have the ultimate picture.”

“Your foot is cut off in that picture.”

“Who cares about a foot?”

“It’s not the ultimate picture without a foot.”

“You can cut both my feet off at the ankles in the picture for all I care.”

“I need a new picture.”

“That guy and his dog are still at the telephone pole.  I think they’re going to be there all night.  Let’s go.”

I finally managed to drag Mike away, since it really did look like that guy and his puppy were determined to camp out at the base of the telephone pole until that strong-willed puppy decided to give in and pee.  As we were walking back, Mike kept looking over his shoulder.  We had already gone about a block when Mike said,

“Hey… he’s leaving.  Let’s go back.”


Ten minutes later, Mike still did not feel like he had the ultimate picture, but more people were starting to show up at the German pub so I convinced him it was time to leave.

I went to bed that night, and in the morning I had an email from Mike titled “blog header”.  I also had a text from him at 2:30am that said, “Ignore all the emails.  Only use the last blog header I sent.”

Given that I only had one email in my inbox, that was somewhat odd but the blog header looked good to me so I didn’t care too much.  After work I headed to his apartment.

“Did you get the blog headers?”

“headerS?  I only got one.”

“Really?  I sent 4.  Are you sure you only got one?”

After a little investigation, we discovered that he only sent the first one to me… with the remaining three emails he hit ‘reply’ to the first email which only sent the email to himself and not to me.  I looked at the four emails in his “Sent Emails” folder.  The first was the one I already had.

The second email had another blog header and the email message said, “Use this one instead.  It’s only different in a way you will never notice.”

The third email had another blog header and the email message said, “Actually, use this one because I’m not sure which one I attached to the last email.  I’m going to sleep.”

The fourth email had yet another blog header and was titled “ULTIMATE FINAL blog header”.  There wasn’t any text in the email.

After getting the FINAL ULTIMATE blog header, I discovered it was the wrong size for my web page, which is why it’s taken me so long to put it up.  I had to actually delve into my computer science background again and tweak settings to get this header to fit… but now, happily, it fits.  And you can see it at the top of my blog!  Serious thanks to Mike for having the patience to get this done as ultimately as possible (even though the ultimate picture was not taken)!  🙂


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