Last double-digit run completed!

My training schedule today had me scheduled for 12 miles, but I actually ran 13.1 since I felt great and the weather was perfect.  That is my LAST double-digit run before the marathon in two weeks!  Next weekend is just an 8 mile run.

It was such perfect running weather this morning!  Overcast, 55 degrees, a little bit of a breeze.  I ran up to Fremont, ran around Fremont for awhile, and then ran back home.

I also went downtown and did a lot of window shopping since Mike was asleep.  I also scoped out fans at Bed, Bath, and Beyond since the weather is getting warm for Mike and he wanted a fan to put in front of his window to pull the cool air in.  I found what I thought was the perfect fan, but I didn’t buy it since Mike said that he wanted to look at fans before I purchased anything.  I also bought myself tabbouli salad… I figured it was in celebration of my LAST double-digit run before my marathon.  🙂

Later, I went down to Mike’s apartment and asked if he wanted a grilled cheese.  He said he did, but it turned out he was out of bread, cheese, and butter.  Since he was apparently out of every single ingredient, I decided it was time for a shopping trip!  I went up to Capitol Hill to get groceries while Mike got up and got ready to go look at fans.

We ended up finding the perfect fan, and we took it back to his apartment and set it in the window.  Then we proceeded to argue about which way it should face.  Mike said the fan should face outwards to pull the hot air out of the apartment, and I said it should face inwards to pull the cool air into the apartment.  I don’t know who was right… we ended up trying both ways.  Maybe it doesn’t matter.  Maybe pulling cool air in forces hot air out anyway and vice versa.  Thoughts anyone?  🙂

After the Bed, Bath, and Beyond excursion, Mike and I each got a small decaf coffee and sipped it while watching a couple of Friends episodes.  We’ve been watching that show for about two years, and we’re finally almost done with season 8.  There are 10 seasons, so we still have an additional two to go.  It’s kind of shocking how long it takes us to go through shows.  I think it’s mostly my fault, because Mike burned his way through The Wire, and is currently burning his way through The Sopranos.

Piper looks exhausted.  It’s been a rough day for her, because since I’ve been home and bustling around she hasn’t gotten much sleep.  Poor thing.  🙂  Hopefully we’ll remedy that soon, because I’m about ready to head to bed!


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