A (relatively) sugar free month

It’s been a lazy evening, and now it’s finally getting dark so I’m starting to think about bed.  🙂

Bed sounds nice tonight.  I have my window open and the cool breeze is blowing in.  I can hear echo-y sounds from the street below now and then… that kind of echo-y sound you hear outside of your house on summer nights.

Mike stayed up all last night and all day today.  More power to him… he’s now (approximately) on a first shift schedule!  🙂

As I think I’ve mentioned on the blog before (and as everyone who knows me knows), I’ve always been sensitive to sugar.  So I’ve been trying a (nearly) sugar free diet for the past couple of weeks to see if the stomach and digestive issues I have periodically improve.

When I say “nearly” sugar free, this is what I mean.

I DO eat:

  • low to medium fructose fruits (berries, bananas, citrus fruits, peaches, etc)
  • vegetables with natural sugars in them (sweet potatoes, carrots, etc)
  • Canned soups with small amounts (less than 3 grams) of added cane sugar
I do NOT eat:
  • anything else with sugar in it, including fruit juices, granola bars, lightly and sweetened cereals)
It has been an extremely interesting thing to “nearly” give up sugar.  First of all, you don’t realize how many processed foods contain sugar until you’re trying to go sugar-free (I challenge you to find a canned soup without some sort of added sugar, whether it’s cane sugar, evaporated cane juice, corn syrup, etc).
Second of all, I realized how addicting sugar is.  I’ve never been a big sugar eater (because of the previously mentioned stomach and digestive problems), but when I first gave up ALL refined sugar (including my beloved granola bars and lightly sweetened cereals) I seriously started to crave foods I haven’t eaten in years and don’t even LIKE just because they have sugar in them.  Things like chocolate cookies (for those of you who don’t know, I don’t even LIKE chocolate) and pop tarts (seriously… I don’t think I’ve had a pop tart in 10 years… at least).
Third of all, I realized that without sugar, there was a void in my diet that had to be filled with something else… and in the absence of being able to eat sugar, the next best thing that sounded good was other high-carb but non-sugar things (like tortilla chips and crackers).
I feel like I’m just getting to the point now where I’ve been off sugar long enough to where I’m craving less of the high-carb foods like tortilla chips.  Although I’m still not 100% there yet.  It seriously is amazing how much better I’ve been feeling though.  🙂  For those of you with stomach problems or digestive problems… try a low sugar diet!  See if it helps!  I don’t know if I’m going to keep this up forever… forever is a long time to go without cinnamon bread and honey nut cheerios (strangely, those are the two things I miss the most).  I actually just got a food allergy test taken to see what foods (if any) I might be sensitive to.  When the results come back, if it shows that I have a problem with sugar, I’ll start figuring out if this is going to be long term or not.  Unfortunately, the test results won’t be back for 5 – 6 weeks, so I won’t get any immediate feedback.
On to other subjects that are probably of more interest to most of my readers… Piper.  🙂
I gave her wet food tonight before her dry food and then sat down at the computer.  She finished her wet food pretty quickly and came mewing to me to give her the dry food.  I told her to wait a minute while I finished something on the computer, and she walked over to the bag of dry cat food and started pawing at it, periodically looking back at me to see if I was either going to stop her or going to take the hint and come give her some.  I was so proud of her that I called Mike and told him that Piper knew where to find the dry cat food.  If anything happens to me, she’ll live off that bag of dry cat food for the next six months.  She’ll probably figure out how to work the kitchen faucet, too, since she’s seen me do it 1000 times, so she’ll just feed and water herself.  The litter box would be a problem, though, especially since she hates using a litter box that isn’t absolutely pristine.  I don’t think she’ll figure out how to empty that… even Piper has limitations.
Mike’s down in his apartment going to bed after staying up all day… hopefully he gets a really good night’s sleep.  I think we’re both excited for him to start his new job next week!  I don’t know how he’ll like taking the bus there and back, but I guess we’ll just take things one day at a time and see whether or not we need a car.
Ok… Piper’s pawing at the covers on my bed, so I think she thinks it’s time to sleep!  I’d better go.  I wish all of you a wonderful night’s sleep (those of you in the midwest are probably already asleep)!

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