Califlower Soup and Fire Trucks!

Mike is working his way towards a first shift schedule, and it’s working!  Except that yesterday morning he was on a zero-th shift schedule (if that’s a real thing!).  Basically, it means he woke up super early.  He came up to my apartment to hang out while I got a slow cooker beef stew going, and he brought coffee with him, so we both sipped that and talked.

After work, I hurried home, because Mike had a user’s group meeting for his electronic music and I told him I’d walk downtown with him.  On the way home, I stopped at Nollies Cafe (the most wonderful little cafe ever!) and got a bowl of curried califlower soup for dinner.  It was AMAZING!  I just love the variety of vegetarian food out here!  Poor Mike only got beef stew.  🙂

Then we walked downtown and I left Mike at the building where his group met.  Then I headed home by way of Whole Foods, since they have fresh, local PEACHES on sale this week!  🙂  It really feels like summer to bite into a juicy, fuzzy peach!  (And since I haven’t been eating apples because of their high fructose content, peaches make a great substitute!)  Then I headed home and settled down to have a relaxing evening with Piper.  And then I went to bed.

And THEN… I was woked out of a sound sleep by the fire alarm (which is mind-blowingly bloud).  I leaped out of bed fully awake and threw on some jeans and then looked for Piper.  She was nowhere to be seen, but I knew where she’d be.  I looked under the bed, and there she was in the very deepest, darkest corner.  I sighed and pushed the bed away from the wall.  Piper followed the bed so that I still wasn’t able to reach her.

“Here, Piper!” I shouted above the deafening alarm.  Who was I kidding?  She was a cat, not a dog.  And she was a fully frightened, fully unhappy cat at that.  There was no way she was going to listen to me.  I sneaked to the other side of the bed and reached down and under.  I heard a terrified little mew, so I apparently had her.  I pulled her out from the under the bed, all scared and covered in dust bunnies and pushed her unceremoniously into her cat carrier.  Then I grabbed my phone and keys, and headed for the stairs.  My phone said that it was shortly after 10pm, so Mike wouldn’t even be home yet.  There were other people in the stairway headed down as well, and Piper and I followed them.  When we emerged onto the street, we saw lots of people and pets crowded around watching as a fire truck showed up and three firemen with axes headed into the building.

Everyone stood around, talking and laughing… I loved what a great attitude everyone had!  It didn’t seem like there was a single disgruntled person, even though some people had been woken up and many others were in their pajamas and ready to turn in.

Fifteen minutes later we got official word from the firemen: There was no fire.  Someone had apparently been playing around with one of the fire extinguishers on the first floor and that had set off an alarm system which blanketed the front lobby in whatever chemical they use to put out fires.  It was a white, powdery mess.  That will be a pain for the apartment complex to clean up.  😦  The good news was that we were all able to re-enter the building.  We all trudged up the stairs, pets in tow (Piper was mewing pitifully by this time).  I gave her a big hug when I let her out of the cat carrier, but she was NOT interested.  She mewed and ran to her litterbox.  Apparently she had literally been scared to the point of needing a litterbox.  Poor thing!

Mike called a little later, saying that he was on his way home… but of course by that time he’d missed all the excitement and the fire truck was gone.  Mike was just glad to see all of his electronic equipment unharmed, I think.  🙂


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