Festa Regionale

What a busy week at work!  I can’t believe it’s already Friday (but I’m definitely ready for a weekend!)  I’ve only got another half day of work, and then it’s time for the weekend!  🙂

On Wednesday, Mike and I went out to Il Fornaio, our favorite Italian restaurant (and maybe favorite restuarant?) in Seattle.  They have such a cool program going on called Festa Regionale where every month they feature cusine from a different province in Italy.  We have been trying to go there at least once a month so that we can try food from all of the various provinces.  We walked there after work and settled into the comfy chairs in the laidback atmosphere with the Seattle sushine coming in.  The menu looked amazing!  I got the Pancotto all Contadina, and Mike got the Pappardelle di Castagne… very yummy!  We also (of course) enjoyed their freshly baked bread (have I mentioned before that they have the most amazing olive rolls ever?) dipped in an olive oil/balsamic vinegar mix.  It was very relaxing!  After eating two olive rolls and a big bowl of soup plus half a glass of dark Argiano red wine I was  feeling pretty full and enjoyed just sitting there talking with Mike.  It’s amazing how therapeutic a night out is when you’re having a busy week!

When I got home I put Piper’s dinner out for her, but she didn’t want to eat… she just wanted to stay curled up on my bed asleep.  I kept saying, “Piper… PIPER!” but she was just not interested in her wet food.  I hate to leave the wet food out for very long because it’s highly perishable and I don’t want her to get sick.  So I played a dirty trick on her.  I rustled the treat bag.  THAT got her up.  She came running over expecting a treat… and there was no treat.  Just her regular, normal, unexciting, not-worth-waking-up-for wet food.  She gave me a dirty look, but she ate her wet food.  Mom… before you call me to complain about this treatment of my cat, I gave her a treat later.  Dinner, then treats!  That’s the policy for Piper!  🙂

My marathon is one week and one day away!  Hopefully I’m ready.  I went to the website last night and looked over all the scientific info about the course (the turn-by-turn directions, the elevation map, where the aid stations are located, how I get to the starting line given that it’s in Tukwila, etc).  I think I’ve got everything figured out and I have a plan!

Mike’s starting at Fluke on Monday!  He took a “trial” bus ride to Everett yesterday to make sure he understands what bus he needs to take and how long it will take to get there.  I’m excited for him to start getting to know people here and making friends.  We might do a little clothes shopping for him this weekend so he can start out looking at least a little snazzy.  🙂

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday and looking forward to a great weekend!  🙂


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