A Rainy Saturday

After a busy week at work, it’s almost nice to have a rainy Saturday because it doesn’t make me feel like I should be productive.  🙂  I ran my last long run today (although at 9 miles, it didn’t feel very long compared to previous long runs), and I ran through a lot of raindrops!  I got home around 8:30am and was all showered and dry by 9am.  Wow… I still had the whole Saturday to do things… unlike most long run days!

Mike has been working himself onto a first shift schedule, so he was awake at 9am.  We hung out and listened to some songs on youtube, most notably “Save the World” by Swedish House Mafia… it is a must-see music video and a cool song.  🙂

Then we headed out in the rain to have lunch at Whole Foods… chicken tenders and califlower au gratin for Mike and spinach lentil soup and an almost overwhelming amount of Greek salad for me.  (As Mike put it, I don’t leave much lettuce for the other rabbits!)  We walked home in the rain and got back kind of wet and pretty cold.  It was time for some coffee!  We drank that and watched a couple TV shows on Mike’s computer.

On Friday night the smoke alarm went off again… I think the kids in the building have learned that messing with the fire extinguishers sets off the alarm.  Once again, I dragged Piper out from under the bed, mewing and terrified, and met Mike down on the street.  Poor Piper!  She was pretty traumatized.  She spent most of last night scouting around the apartment for places to hide in the event of another fire alarm (I know this sounds weird… but I really think that’s what she was doing).  Places that seemed promising to her: in my shower and down the crack between my wall and the bed (I don’t think she knows it leads to the same “under-the-bed” area that she knows and loves.)  Today, however, she seems to have recovered and to be pretty relaxed.  Hopefully we don’t get any more fire alarms for awhile!  She needs time to recover!

Everything has been relaxed and laid back today, and as I said, it’s almost nice that it’s raining because it really removes any pressure to do anything!


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