We got out to get Mike some work clothes this weekend… and ran into an unexpected big Eddie Bauer sale.  I was surprised but definitely pleased!

Mike and I considered going to a festival in Fremont on Saturday but since it was chilly and raining, we decided not to go.  There will be more festivals to go to as we get into summer!

Mike is off at his first full day of work!  I saw him off this morning, and he seemed pretty awake… although he grumbled a little that first shift was highly overrated.  🙂  He texted me at 7:52am and said that he was at Fluke and that being early was overrated and he was bored.  🙂  Hopefully he has a great first day, although most of it will be taken up with new hire orientation so it won’t be representative of the rest of his workdays.

I tried to sleep in this morning since my running this week will be really minimal, but Piper meowed above my head at 5:07am.  WAY too early Piper!  I batted at her, and she meowed and ran away… but then she was back mewing a couple minutes later (cleverly out of arm’s reach this time) so I had to get up and feed her.  Since I was up earlier than planned I got a short yoga workout in.  It felt amazing to get my legs all stretched out!  Piper promptly went back to sleep after chowing down.  Lucky cat… I was now up for good!

I hope everyone else’s weekend was as relaxing as mine!  (Too bad I didn’t get more accomplished though!).


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