Happy birthday Tom!

Happy birthday to my brother Tom!  🙂  I wish I could see him on his birthday (and I wish that I had actually gotten his birthday package out on time!), but Tom… I’m sending you birthday wishes all the way from the northwest!  I think they’ll float in sometime today on whichever wind current it is that goes due west across the U.S.  🙂

To say that this has been a busy week at work would be an understatement.  To say that my evenings and mornings have been busy would also be an understatement.

On Wednesday morning  I went to the grocery store and got ingredients for a chicken stew slow cooker meal as well as a few other essentials.

On Wednesday evening Mike and I rented a zipcar and did some shopping for heavy items (like kitty litter!).  I did the actual renting of the zipcar and picked it up while Mike was on the bus home from work.  I thought at first I had forgotten how to drive because it was very difficult to manover out of the parking space, but then after visiting several grocery stores I realized it was because other people had kind of “parked me in” at the zipcar parking spot so I had to do like an eight point turn to get the car out of the spot.  What a relief to know my driving skills are still intact.  🙂  To my credit I got the car out without damaging the zipcar or other cars around me.  I have the feeling, though, that the construction guys working nearby were getting a kick out of watching me and probably making bets on how many times I’d go forward and backwards edging the car out before I actually got out of the spot.  People should not park their cars 10 feet behind a zipcar… it makes it much too difficult to get the zipcar out!

Thursday morning I actually got the slow cooker meal going before work.  There was a car accident on I-5 S yesterday evening so it took Mike longer than usual to get back from work and the bus had to take a detour.  It was nice for Mike to get home and have a warm home-cooked meal (slow cooker meals still count as home-cooked, right?)  🙂

Yesterday there was a Farmer’s Market in a terrace area in front of work.  I resisted going to check it out as long as I could, since I know I can’t eat fruits and veggies (or any other really high fiber foods) before the race… but eventually I gave in because I get attracted to farmer’s markets like bees to honey (Dad… that reference is for you.)  🙂  The prices were reasonable, and there was so much variety!  They had big flats of freshly picked strawberries, which I made a mental note of so I can get some next week, but for yesterday I got a giant head of green leaf lettuce and another giant head of red leaf lettuce… both of them look so fresh!  And the green one was so big it wouldn’t fit in the produce bag!  I’m definitely looking forward to a fresh salad tomorrow.  🙂

I’m going to work this morning, but I’m taking a half day of vacation so that I can go pick up my race bib and timing tag for tomorrow.  Normally I would just pick those up on the actual race day, but because this race is so huge, they don’t have race day pickup (it would take forever with all the runners…. there’s over 27,000!).  Their race day pickup is only open till 7pm at Qwest Field stadium, and they recommend getting there before 3pm because there’s a Sounders game at Qwest Field that evening, so it will get very busy.  I would love to enlighten you on what sport the “Sounders” play, but I actually have no idea.  I have a vague idea it might be baseball, because back when my brother used to talk to me about football, I don’t recall a “Seattle Sounders” football team.  But I don’t know.  Don’t quote me on that.  I’ll probably find out today.  I also have to figure out how to get there too.  Anyway, the bib pickup will be fun because they actually have a health/fitness expo at Qwest Field as part of the race festivities, so I’ll be able to go from booth to booth looking at fitness and racing gear (supposedly you get some free samples of stuff too!).  🙂  I wish Mike could go with me, but he’ll be at work and honestly he might not be interested in a health/fitness expo very much anyway.

My jobs for the day are:

1.  Eat a lot of non-fibrous, non-sugary carbs (hello, crackers!)

2.  Drink water like I’m planning a trip to the desert

3.  Walk a minimum amount

4.  Pick up my racing bib

5.  Get my clothes laid out for tomorrow

6.  Relax with Mike tonight and get to bed EARLY!


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