Marathon running… not such a bad sport :)

Yesterday’s posts really dealt with the rough reality of the marathon.  Today’s post is going to talk about wonderful post-marathon things… so if yesterday’s post depressed you or made you think running a marathon is the most horrible experience a person can have, this post is for you!  🙂

So here it is… my post-marathon list of positives!  (I’m sure there are more positives than this… these are just honestly the first ones that popped into my head.)  So here they are… in no particular order!  🙂

  1. I can FINALLY legitmately get that 26.2 bumper sticker that I’ve been coveting for the past two years (now if I only had a car to stick it on…. Birch, where are you?)
  2. Mike and I went to our favorite Italian restaurant on Saturday to celebrate, and I ate every bit of my food, plus 2 olive rolls, and 3/4 of Mike’s sauteed spinach (I thought it was the most amazing satueed spinach I had ever tasted; Mike, however, said it wasn’t very good, but that it “was good for what it was”.  I made him eat some because it’s so healthy but when he claimed he was full, I gladly ate the rest.)
  3. I didn’t lose a single toenail.  Before you say that’s a pretty crazy thing to be glad about, go to google and type in “runners toenails fall off” or “runners black toenails”.  Yeah.  Not cool.  And, also, not me!
  4. NO blisters!  And thanks to my knee pain, I ran the marathon slowly enough that I barely have any muscle pain.  Thanks, Knee!  Now if you can just hurry up and heal so I can get back to running.  😉
  5. At least 10 people stopped by my desk this morning to find out how my race went… they were all infinitely supportive and very interested in how the race went.
  6. I don’t have to eat runners Gu for awhile… no more “razzleberry” and “vanilla” foil packets filled with gelatinous, sugary goo!
  7. I get a break from getting up between 5 and 6am on Saturdays to hit the pavement for my long run!  I finally get to sleep in like a normal person!
  8. These beautiful, cheery, sunshiney flowers arrived from two wonderful ladies and their two wonderful dogs… thanks so much, Lia and Linda (and Keifer and Zuko!)!  🙂  (Sorry about the tea kettle in the background… there is just not room to put anything in my kitchen!)  🙂



  9. My mom and dad insisted on giving me a little money to buy jewelry to commemorate the event.  I said “no”, they said, “yes”, I said “no”, they said “yes”… and then I said “yes”.  There’s only so many times a reasonably intelligent girl can say “no” to jewelry!  🙂  Help me out!  I’m thinking about either this runner girl necklace or this twenty-six point two necklace.  If anyone else knows of good sites to look for running jewelry, let me know!  I’m officially on the lookout and in the market!  🙂
  10. Mike bought me a pair of running/yoga pants from Lululemon as a marathon reward.  I said “no”, he said “yes”, I said “no”, he said “yes”… you guys already know how this story ends.  🙂
  11. I can stay up late on Friday nights and go out to eat without worrying about how the food I’m eating might negatively affect my long run the next day.
  12. I can stop being so paranoid about catching a cold!  When coworkers around me started to sniffle I frantically started popping vitamin C pills, echincea, cold-eeze tablets, zinc supplements, and vitamin D!  You can’t accomplish long runs if you can’t breathe through your nose and have a sore throat!  I may have OD’d on zinc on multiple occasions… I wouldn’t recommend this.  It’s not a good thing.
  13. I am now a MARATHONER!
  14. My next one will be easier… yes, I definitely think there will be a “next one” at some point.  😉

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