Stick-Mouse on a cool summer night

What a busy, busy week!  I thought that not doing marathon training would leave me so much more time… but apparently not.  🙂

Both Mike and I have been getting home from work tired this week, so we really haven’t been doing anything after work.  I did go out with some coworkers after work yesterday for snacks and drinks.  It was a lot of fun!  I really have amazing coworkers… they’re all just so easy to work with!

I think that Mike’s job is going ok so far, but he’s still very much in the “getting used to a new job” phase so he probably won’t really have an idea how well he likes it until he’s been there longer.  Since it’s been a long week for both of us, we’re planning on going to Paddy Coyne’s this Friday after work.  We haven’t been there in awhile (“awhile” for us means a couple of weeks… we’re definitely becoming Paddy Coyne’s regulars!).

My knee feels perfect now… so pretty soon I’ll be back to running.  I haven’t actually run since the marathon, although I have sprinted down the apartment hallways (I don’t know if that counts?).  Running, even just hallway running, feels great!  And since my muscles aren’t sore after the marathon because I was running so much more slowly than usual, I’ll be back to running even more quickly!

It’s been sunny and gorgeous here in Seattle the past couple of days.  Mike and I have both been pretty tired and unmotivated to do anything when we’ve gotten home, though, so we haven’t actually done very much this week.  Even now, as I look out my window and see the bright blue sky and the rays of sunlight (even though it’s almost 8:30pm!) I feel like I should be outside enjoying it.  But then I remember that Mike’s tired and doesn’t feel like doing anything, and I’m already in my pajamas with Piper nestled comfortably on my lap.  So I guess I’m not going anywhere.  🙂

With my knee feeling better, I’m planning to start taking yoga classes soon!  I have a coupon for 10 yoga classes to an upscale studio downtown, so I’m going to start by taking those 10 classes even though I probably won’t join that studio because it’s expensive.

I also did half an hour of weight training this morning… I’m going to be much better about including weight training in my fitness routines to avoid getting injured for my next race!  It felt surprisingly good to be lifting dumbbells again (although I won’t tell you how much they weighed because they were light and it’s embarrassing).  🙂

Mike was up here for awhile tonight and he and I played stick-mouse with Piper in and around the crinkly packing paper that Lia sent me.  Piper had a blast chasing the “mouse” through the crinkly paper… she’s so much fun to watch!  Cats are so playful!

Time to go to bed!  I have my window wide open and there’s a deliciously cool breeze wafting in and I can hear muted sounds of planes flying overhead towards the SeaTac airport.  The sun has set now, so I shouldn’t have any problems falling asleep since it’ll be dark and cool.  Piper’s mewing, so I think she’s ready for bed too.  🙂  Good night all!



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