Is there something sweet to say about every dog?

What a busy week at work!  I worked really late last night, so I didn’t get to see Mike at all… he was going to bed around the time I got out of work.  This post will be short since I’m scribbling it out over lunch and I need to get back to work pretty soon.

Besides work, not much has been going on.  Yesterday was Thursday… which is the farmer’s market day!  I walked over to it during lunch (it’s only a 2 minute walk) and I got 2 little cucumbers (I really love fresh cucumbers!), a bunch of arugula, and a bunch of spinach.  Yum!  My salads will taste so good this week!  I was thinking about a salad last night, but I got home so late that I just ate a bunch of crackers with a big bowl of soup.  That took much less time to prepare than a salad!  Since I got home late, Mike fed Piper and played with her a little, but she was still stressed out when I got home.  Anything that’s a little out of the ordinary gets her stressed… she is definitely timid!

Even though it has been a crazy week, I’ve been getting a little time for workouts in!  Tuesday and Wednesday mornings were some light weight training, Thursday was 45 minutes on the elliptical, and this morning was about an hour of yoga.  I’m way more sore after this week of workouts than I was after my marathon… which probably shows that if you run to the exclusion of all other workouts you’re missing some key muscles.  🙂  Hopefully I won’t make that mistake when training for the next marathon!

I’m excited that Mike and I have a long weekend ahead of us!  The Fourth of July really crept up on me before I realized it.  I’m looking forward to the fireworks over Lake Union!  It will be Mike’s and my first fireworks show in Seattle!

It has been absolutely beautiful here the past several days… sunny, warm, and breezy without being too windy!  This is definitely going to a “go downtown” kind of weekend… a couple of the stores I really like downtown are having Fourth of July sales.  REI is also having a giant sale… and I’m thinking about trying some of the Vibram toe shoes for running… they’re deeply discounted with the sale prices.  Maybe Mike and I can go there tonight and check them out!  We always love going to REI because it’s such a huge store (3 stories), and it has a forest around the outside of it, so you have to walk through trails and near a man-made waterfall to get to the store entrance.  It’s just very cool!

Tonight, Mike and I are planning to go to Paddy Coyne’s for dinner!  It’s been a long week for both of us, so it will be great to just kick back and relax!  Hopefully Paddy’s dog will be there… I just love seeing him… he’s so cute!  NOTE: I might have a problem with dogs… one of my coworkers said yesterday that I have “something sweet to say about every dog who comes into Amazon”.  Maybe I just love dogs in general!  Offhand, I really can’t think of one I don’t like.  🙂  Is it true, though?  Is there something sweet to say about every dog?  Or are there some dogs who just aren’t very sweet?)

Ok… time to head back to work!  I hope everyone else’s Fridays are good and not too busy!


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