Old coffee and new audio equipment

So far it’s been a very relaxing weekend!  🙂  Mike and I had a change of heart Friday night, and instead of going to Paddy Coyne’s, we headed out to the Cheesecake Factory.  In honor of going out to a nice restaurant, I dolled up a little bit and wore a peach-colored summery dress that I got for $12 at Forever 21.  How can you not love a st ore with prices like that?  I wish I would have had a picture, because my hair actually looked pretty good, which is a first, but Mike insisted that I leave my big purse at home so I didn’t have to lug it around…. and by leaving that I accidentally left my camera at home too.

We hadn’t been to the Cheesecake Factory in awhile, and they have good food, great service, and the most fun menu to browse through EVER!  It’s seriously a book… they have so many options!  It was really busy when we got there, and there was a half hour wait for a table so Mike and I stood around and people-watching while we waited.  It’s so interesting how many different types of people come to the Cheesecake Factory… it must have a huge appeal because of its diverse and extensive menu!  When we finally got a table, we settled in and perused the menu.  Tons of things sounded good, but Mike ended up getting a steak and I got grilled mahi mahi.  The mahi mahi was awesome!  We also made a really good dent in the bread that they brought us before the meal (The Cheesecake Factory bread is some of the best I’ve ever had at a restaurant!  They have a really tangy, yummy sourdough, and a dark brown, sweet molasses bread… both absolutely amazing!  Although, now that I think about it, Paddy Coynes’ Irish soda bread is amazing too… so I guess either way we would have been guaranteed good bread.  🙂

We got home late, and Mike messed some with audio stuff on his computer.  (He got some audio equipment yesterday, and he had to get it all set up.)  He played some music for me while he was doing that though, so I danced around his apartment to the music while he sat in front of the computer.  Our apartments are so small, there’s not much room for dancing, but I make do.  🙂  It seems like anyone with as much music know-how as Mike would love to dance, but apparently not, since I couldn’t get him to join me.

Saturday I did NOT get up early to go for a long run!  I was thinking of sleeping in, but I actually woke up pretty early.  Mike called me at 7am wanting to go downstairs for coffee.  It sounded great, so we went down and enjoyed the fresh, cool, breezy, sunny Seattle Saturday morning.  Later on, we headed downtown to enjoy the beautiful day.  I found a great pair of inexpensive Fossil sunglasses, and we also stopped at Penzey’s Spice store to pick up some spices.  Everything there smells just amazing!

Later that day, I went for a run… 1 mile warm up, 1 mile cooldown, and 4 miles of intervals.  My knee felt great!  As I mentioned, I’ve been doing a lot of yoga and strength training this week and I’m going to keep that up so that I can steer clear of injury.

In the evening, I brought some running magazines down to Mike’s apartment, and I read while he read the instruction manual for his new audio equipment.  I got tired pretty  quickly and headed to bed.  I think Mike probably stayed up later working with his audio equipment.

I haven’t heard from him yet this morning.  If I haven’t heard from him in another half hour, I’m going to head to Trader Joe’s.  Going to TJs is always a little bit more of a commitment because it’s a mile and a half away instead of 3/4 of a mile like the other couple grocery stores I go to, but they have the most amazing food at amazing prices, so I try to get there at least once a month.

I found an unfinished decaf coffee in my fridge from last week (At least I hope it’s from last week and that it’s not even older than that).  I heated it up in the microwave and now I’m drinking it.  Pretty bad, huh?  I felt like something warm and yummy this morning and didn’t want to actually buy a coffee.  It doesn’t taste as good as a fresh Americano, but it definitely tastes better than no Americano.  🙂

I hope everyone else is having a relaxing weekend too!


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