Grilling and fireworks

Yesterday was busy in the morning.  I went to Trader Joe’s first thing in the morning and came back with almond milk, canned soup, and other Trader Joe’s goodies.  It’s always such a commitment to go there, though, because it’s a mile and a half away.  I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you’re carrying groceries all way home it’s more convenient to go to the store that’s only a mile away, or the one that’s only 1/2 a mile away.  Anyway… I stocked up on some TJ’s stuff so I should be set for a little while!

I got back from Trader Joe’s and talked to Mike, but he was still reading the instructional manual for his new audio DSP processor and was going strong. I remembered that Lululemon has a free yoga class on Sunday mornings, so I grabbed my yoga mat and headed downtown.  I ran into one of the girls that I know from Run Club who works at Lululemon and since I knew she ran the half marathon last Saturday I asked her how it went.  She actually had IT band pain starting at mile 9… so we could totally sympathize with each other.  It’s also good to talk to people who have the same problems you do!  And, as she pointed out to me, there’s always another finish line to cross!  Totally true.  And I’m already starting to think about my next finish line.  😉  More about that in a later post.

I loved the yoga class!  The teacher this month is from Gold’s Gym, and she was very relaxed and laid-back, but at the same time gave us a great workout.  I’m looking forward to the next several Sundays of her teaching on Sunday morning!  I got back from yoga all sweaty and took a shower and ate lunch.  After that, I felt much more awake and alive.  Mike continued to read his instructional manual, so I read my running magazines for awhile.  I’m getting intrigued by the “barefoot” running phenomenon and the vibram five fingers shoes.  Anyone know anything about this trend, or have any interest in it?  This morning, Mike and I walked over to REI and looked at five fingers shoes.  Mike thinks they are extremely stupid looking and thinks I’ll look like a chimp if I run in them.  But if it helps my IT band problems disappear, I don’t really care if I look like a chimp when I run.  Besides, what’s the last chimp you ever saw wearing blue rubber shoes?

Last night Mike and I shared a giant bowl of fresh strawberries and watched Rescue Dawn.  It’s a 2007 movie starring  Christian Bale (I think that’s why Tom recommended the movie to me… he knows I’ll watch pretty much anything with Christian Bale in it), and it’s about an airforce pilot who’s shot down during the Vietnam War.  It was a really good movie, but definitely not a “fun” movie.  It makes you feel extremely grateful to have enough food, a shower, a bed, and not to be held as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.  Christian Bale, as always, gave an absolutely amazing performance.  The best part about the movie is that it’s based on a true story.  The main character is very risk-taking in the movie, and I was curious about what the real man the movie was based on was like.  I looked him up on Wikipedia, and he actually died in 2001… he had ALS and committed suicide.  That seemed shocking, but after talking about it, both Mike and I agreed that it actually seemed consistent with his character in the movie to take his own life rather than have his life taken from him.  It was definitely a sobering movie.  Definitely recommended if you want a first-hand look into what the Vietnam War was like!

Mike and I had a relaxing day today and got very little done.  We did, however, figure out how to use the gas grill at the apartment complex so we had a fun time grilling on the second floor community balcony.  Brats and grilled corn were on the menu, and they both turned out amazingly well!  I definitely have to get back to the grocery store tomorrow to get more of that amazing corn on the cob while it’s still on sale!  Look for pictures of our grilling experiment tomorrow.  🙂  Have a wonderful 4th!  Mike and I are headed up to the roof to watch the firework show over Lake Union!  🙂


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