An excursion into the art of grilling

Yesterday was full of fun grilling!  Although grilling might sound normal to most people, Mike and I have never grilled with just us.  We’ve always been with Dave and Tamara or my dad.  But today we decided it was time to try it for ourselves since there’s no longer anyone nearby to grill for us!

It was an absolutely beautiful 75 degree day and bright and sunshiney.  Mike and I remembered that there was a gas grill on the 2nd floor community balcony of our building, so we grabbed our food supplies (brats, corn, paper plates, and a pair of tongs… yes, we live a simple life), and we headed to the grill.  There wasn’t anyone using the grill, so Mike figured out how to get it going.

Mike examining the grill

Mike examining the grill

He soon discovered that it was almost out of propane, but fortunately there was a new jug of propane right next to the grill.  Super convenient.  🙂  Mike changed out the propane tanks, and then we were all set to go!  I had all of our food ready!

Our grilling supplies!

Our grilling supplies!

Mike ensured that the grill was at the correct temperature for our food.

Mike adjusting temperature knobs

Mike adjusting temperature knobs

That guy loves every possible gauge he can get his hands on… even a thermometer.  I didn’t even know they made grills with thermometers… but rest assured that if there’s a gauge, Mike will be monitoring it.  Regardless of what it’s measuring.   🙂

While Mike messed with the grill, I took a few pictures of the hamburger place beneath us… hopefully none of those people saw me and thought I was a creepy girl taking pictures of them from a balcony above!

Looking over the balcony

Looking over the balcony

When Cathy, Todd, and Mabel came out this winter, we went to lunch with them at that hamburger place… and no one was hungry for the next 10 hours.  It was pretty remarkable.  🙂

Mike manned the grill and was cooking our food when another resident came out and asked if there was room on the grill for his food as well.  Given that the grill was huge and Mike and I were just cooking enough food for ourselves… there was plenty of room!  He had a wonderful British accent, and when I complimented him on how deftly he turned his brats, he said it was part of his Australian cultural heritage.  He told us he’d been told the American tradition was to grill out and drink beer on the 4th of July, and he was doing the one now and would be doing the other later.  🙂  He seemed really nice!

Then Mike and I were finished!  (I should say Mike was finished, since I didn’t do anything much except run inside to get him a water bottle when the flames started to get too high.



If the corn looks undercooked, it’s not.  It’s actually white corn and we cooked it in the husk… and it was absolutely amazing!  It was so sweet and juicy that I got up at 5:30am this morning to go to walk a mile uphill to the grocery store to get more of it while it was still 4 for a $1!  🙂

And the giant red, sports water bottle is mine.  Grilling makes me thirsty.  🙂

Mike cooked everything to perfection, and we had a lot of fun grilling.  I’m hoping to do it again later this week… the weather’s been perfect for it and grilled food tastes SO good!  🙂



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